Whatever: Gifts for Tween Girls

November 2016 has been a historically crazy month. Thanksgiving gatherings no doubt will also be historically crazy this year. But pay attention, my discombobulated friends: Christmas is coming. And your tween girl is already rolling her eyes about it. Probably. I mean she’d actually have to be listening to you to roll her eyes at you.

My ten and a half year-old is entering tweendom and I’m having a hard time figuring her out sometimes. She’s not the little girl she used to be and I’m not quite ready for her to be over stuffed animals and Disney movies. But life goes on — you just gotta roll with it.

In the spirit of rolling with it, I decided to try my darnedest to put together a gift guide for those of us shopping for tween girls.


The thing about this age is girls are establishing who they are. This search for identity will probably not end for years, but this is the beginning. One of the ways they announce who they are to the world is by what they choose to wear — or not wear.

My tween has ditched pink frilly things for darker hues and statement tees. While she isn’t super into accessories in general, she really likes bracelets. Sometimes we make our own but lately she’s been drawn to my layers of Pura Vida bracelets.

Pura Vida bracelets are made in Costa Rica, a place we’ve visited many times. They are fun and fashionable, but also incredibly durable. The waxed thread used to make them withstands water so the bracelets won’t get ruined by frequent hand-washing or by showers. They are a cute and colorful fashion statement. Here’s the pack my tween has:



Pura Vida now has a club option so you can give a gift that keeps on giving. It’s always fun to receive mail — even more fun when it’s bracelets.

Speaking of bracelet clubs, another fun option that can increase your tween’s awareness of the world is the Bracelet of the Month club from Fair Trade Friday. These bracelets support jobs for women around the world so they are able to support themselves. Though this is a fun option for tweens, you don’t know what kind of bracelets you will get each month so this would be best for a girl who is careful with her accessories.

Another surprisingly solid option for tween girls? Coloring books. But these are not the Dora the Explorer books of their youth. These days you can find Harry Potter coloring books, calming mandalas, or even a Grumpy Cat coloring book (shh, don’t tell: my tween will be getting this one for Christmas).


If you really and truly are stuck on what to get for your tween girl, an Amazon gift card is always a safe choice.

The most important thing to recognize when choosing a gift for a tween girl is that, even if we still see them as little girls, they see themselves as older kids now and might reject anything they think is for “little kids” — whatever that means.