Gifts for Moms

Not all moms are the same, so I can’t tell you what kind of gift every mom you know might like. But what I can tell you is that at this point in my life, after being a mom for ten years, I don’t really care about presents. I’m just too tired to care and have too many things to keep up with. In fact, my dryer is full of wrinkly clothes right now because I forgot about them.

In my opinion, at this point in my life it really is the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. Just make sure you have the right thought.


If the mom you are shopping for has a passion, or something she talks about all the time with enthusiasm, how might you support that? You could give her a gift card for a spa or a yoga class, BUT does she actually have time to do those things? Though the initial thought is a good one, think it all the way through because you may just be giving her more to do.

I know it’s cliché, but does she need coffee to be approachable in the mornings? A funny or personalized coffee mug is a simple, thoughtful choice. If you want a clever quotes, 90’s song lyrics, or anything you haven’t seen before, check out Designs by Kepi on Etsy. Here’s my mug:


A good Friends quote always gets me, though I almost got the “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind” one since I say that to my kids (and husband) ALL THE TIME.

One way to make it personal and special is to put a message on the other side like “We love you Mom, Christmas 2016” or something else better that you can think of. I have my blog logo on the other side of the mug, so if that mom in your life is a blogger or a business owner maybe you can do that, too.


(Designs by Kepi also has super cute cards and invitations, by the way, and is local to the Houston area.)

Sticking with the clichés, perhaps the mom in your life enjoys an adult beverage (or two) every night once in a while. If she has a favorite wine or liquor I’ll bet she wouldn’t mind a bottle as a gift. Or, have you considered a wine club? If you are local to me, click here to find my wine lady — and let her know I sent you. Winky face.


Speaking of clubs, Fair Trade Friday is my favorite monthly subscription club. I get compliments on items I received from it ALL THE TIME, so I am sure the mom in your life would love it too. Every month she’ll get a box of goods created by women around the globe. Some she’ll want to keep for herself; others she’ll want to set aside for teacher gifts.


But honestly, there is one the thing the mom in your life must have, and if she doesn’t start here: AMAZON freaking PRIME.

Seriously. Makes my life so much easier. Free two day shipping on so many things… I’ve used it for kitty litter, laundry detergent, my kids’ friends’ birthday presents. And? With a membership you can stream music commercial free. New albums even. It’s the best. Really and truly.

It’s a simple list but I’m a fan of simplicity. Why make this time of year any more complicated than it needs to be? As a mom, all I really want is to know that I am appreciated and loved. That’s probably what the mom in your life wants, too.

But don’t tell her I said that when she gets mad at you for not getting her anything…