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Not Your Mama’s GOP Candidate

The internet and social media have so much noise and political arguments right now, and maybe I’m just adding to that. But you know what they say: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Especially on my personal FB page I am sharing quite a lot of anti-Trump content. I’m sharing some pro-Hillary info as well because I honestly support her and will gladly cast my vote for her. I’m OK with friends and family not agreeing with me on that, but what I am absolutely not OK with is anyone I love and respect voting for Donald Trump.

People who are trying to have the same old DEM vs. GOP conversation in regards to this election have woefully misunderstood the current GOP candidate. If any other candidate had been chosen, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, ANYONE, I would not be throwing down the political gauntlet across social media platforms. This is not a McCain/Obama election or even Romney/Obama. The GOP nomination of this candidate marks a turning point for the GOP party. And if he wins, the GOP party as we’ve known it is dead. And it’s been in such turmoil the last few years, maybe it should die and be reborn. But not like this.

I agree that the two party system we’ve embraced is not the best way to represent our citizens. Under normal circumstances (i.e. two qualified major party candidates) I would fully support those who want to vote third party. I would say, “Let the cards fall where they may. Who cares if the third party vote throws the election?”

But this isn’t a Bush/Gore election, either. Yes, I am saying even GEORGE W. BUSH IS A BETTER CHOICE THAN TRUMP.

In 2000 we saw how the third party vote affected the outcome. We saw an election so close that the Supreme Court had to rule on it. And I was SO PISSED with the outcome. Truly. Gore was robbed. But that is not the situation we are dealing with now.

Now the danger is having a power-hungry, fame-seeking, reality TV personality who has a record of demeaning women and minorities and NO RECORD of successfully leading anything win the presidential election. Having a man who tweets about sex tapes at 3:00 in the morning also having the power to nuke a country.

This is not your mama’s GOP candidate. This is not a normal election.

The future of our country as we know it is at stake here. Who we elect as our next POTUS will tell the rest of the world what kind of country we are. And you may not like Hillary, but she is qualified and has a record of fighting for our country. And you can vote her out in 2020 if you want. Maybe the GOP will have a qualified candidate by then.

I can make that statement with a President Hillary Clinton scenario. I can’t make the same statement with a President Trump scenario because God only knows where we’d be in 2020. He’d probably rename the country. We’d be the Trump States of America. Or the United States of Trump. Or Trumpmerica.

Please don’t take this election lightly. Your vote makes a difference. Your vote counts.

For more thoughts on #nevertrump read this great article about why evangelicals should NOT vote for Trump or this thoughtful piece on how voting for Trump puts other people’s lives at risk.


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