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I’m calling BS. On everything.

I’ve tried being positive. I’ve tried taking a social media break. I’ve tried drinking more. I’ve tried drinking less. And you know what I learned? I am not the problem. All of the bullshit is the problem. So I’m breaking up with the BS.

Can I just start with the internet? Like, it could have been awesome. Some of the internet is still awesome. But a lot of it? Maybe even most of it? Is total crap click-bait BS. Thank GOD I am in writer groups on Facebook where people share the brilliant things they’ve written or I would never find any of it because of all the crap out there.

Speaking of Facebook: What the hell with all of the insanely stupid junk people share on Facebook? I’m pretty sure I’d rather make small talk with strangers who smell weird than scroll through my Facebook feed. The BS broke Facebook, because it could have been awesome, too. Don’t share shit from weird websites, people. It’s not true. It’s all made up. Go to a reputable place to find your news, for Christ’s sake.

Oh, yeah… The NEWS. Remember the news? Remember when it wasn’t just the crime report or an extension of reality TV? That was a really long time ago, so maybe I’m imagining it, but it seems like there was a time when the news reported actual events that were happening in the world at large. Like, do you know about the crazy shit happening in Venezuela right now? I don’t blame you if you don’t. For some reason starving people being unjustly arrested in a country with a crooked government isn’t newsworthy. (And if you think that describes the US, you have NO IDEA how much worse it could be here, so chill.)

And I can’t talk about bullshit without talking about Donald Trump. We have a reality TV personality running for president. Not just running, but he’s a major party candidate. That people willingly support. What in the actual hell? As a woman who is a mother to two girls there are no circumstances under which I would vote for him. I mean, how would I explain that to my children?

“Sorry kids, I know he’s a bully and he says horrible things about women but he says what we means so that made him seem qualified to be in charge of the United States in this precarious time in the world.”

I mean, when we say “In this country anyone can grow up to be president” I don’t think THIS is what we meant. I don’t think we meant A Bully Who Routinely Makes Sexist Comments About Women should be president.

How can we tell our kids to work hard and study hard and show people respect and kindness and when we have a major party candidate who’s done none of those things? Shouldn’t the President of the United States be someone kids can look up to, regardless of policy positions? Do we have so little respect for the office now that it’s OK to let a rich celebrity who has zero experience governing have the position? And what does this say about us as a society?

To have Trump as President of the US will solidify our place in history as a country that worships celebrity, that is addicted to reality TV, that had no deep understanding of the issues in our world. Popularity and celebrity are the issues Trump cares about the most; one only needs to follow his Twitter account to see that:

So of all the things I am calling BS on, the support of Donald Trump for President by good, hard-working people tops the list.

I grew up in a small town in rural America. The parents of most of my classmates did not attend college. Almost all of us were in some sort of disadvantaged situation; even the “rich kids” weren’t rich by standard measures. Donald Trump treasures the people of rural America, not for their work ethic or family values, but for their lack of education. He feels confident they will believe everything he says just because he says it (over and over and over).

That’s not OK. That is complete and total bullshit.

He has no history of supporting or understanding the people of middle America. Why would that change now? I feel like this whole thing is just a bad episode of Punk’d.

Ugh. OK. That’s my bullshit rant for today. I’m out.