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summer and time

On the second day of summer break my girls were already planning what they will pack for lunch and snack on their first day of school. In August. Why, oh WHY are they in such a hurry to have time pass?

The next school year will put them in first grade and fifth grade. They are still little kids by most descriptions despite how big they think they are. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with drinking and dating and emotional dramas yet…except I kind of do.

Now is the time to teach them it’s OK to say no and it will be harder in real life to say than it seems during Red Ribbon Week. Now is the time to teach them that it is never OK for someone to touch them in a way they don’t want to be touched. Now is the time to teach them that not everyone is nice, even people they look up to or think are their friends.

They are little kids, sure. But they won’t be for long.


Other things on my mind this week…

I wrote this Mamalode. Please give it a read if you have time: Ten Years Later, We’re Still in This Together

I had this published on HuffPost Teen. You may have seen it before but I tweaked it a little for a new audience. My goal is to raise awareness around the challenges of being a teen cancer patient as well as the challenges long term cancer survivors face: Why We Should Talk About Teen Cancer

And here’s a fun piece I had up on HuffPost parents a couple weeks ago about how messy my house is: My Messy Home Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Mom

This is also probably a good time to mention I will likely be publishing fewer posts on my blog and on other sites this summer as my time to write is limited when the kiddos are home. I’m trying to give my novel the priority when I have time to write, which means fewer completed essays and blog posts. You can sign up for my mailing list to stay in the loop. I might even send out a newsletter one day…

Happy Summer!