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This Vacuum Really Sucks {Dyson Light Ball Review}

**This is a review of the Dyson Light Ball Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum, currently sold exclusively at Walmart. The vacuum was provided to me for the purpose of my honest review.**

How could I not make a suck pun when reviewing a vacuum cleaner? You do get that the title is a pun because vacuums are supposed to suck, right? That’s like their whole thing. Am I trying too hard here? Maybe, but I’m leaving it. Also, if you’ve ever used a vacuum cleaner in your house you should read on for my review of the Dyson Light Ball Magical Vacuum. (I added “magical” by the way. It’s not really called that.)

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I’m not so good at the housekeeping. I do the best I can, but my house is NOT the uber clean house that will make you feel bad. I am, however, a consistent vacuumer. We have two cats and two people in our house who are allergic to cats, so I have to be diligent. I bought a bagless vacuum about four years ago that I’ve been reasonably happy with. It didn’t change my life or anything, but it seemed to do the job. Key word here is “seemed”.



The Dyson Light Ball comes in a box, so of course I had to put it together. However, the pieces just snapped into place. It was so simple I second guessed my efforts and thought I’d messed something up. The telescoping handle threw me off; now that I’ve used it I understand that it slides all the way into the tube in the back so to that it’s always right there with you when you want to use it on high places or furniture. That feature, along with the two attachments snapping securely in place, makes it much more convenient to take care of the whole house without keeping track of random pieces or having to take the vacuum apart to use specialty attachments.



So I vacuumed my living room, which is tile with an 8’x10′ area rug, and my sofa with my old vacuum the day before the Dyson Light Ball arrived. I thought it would be a good test of the new vacuum to see what it picked up in a room I considered to be clean. SPOILER ALERT: The room was not as clean as I thought it was.

The Dyson Light Ball picked up so much hair and dust it looked like I hadn’t vacuumed in a week or two. I actually got so excited that I dumped out the living room dust and started finding other places in the house I could vacuum. My closet floor was disgusting! Only it’s carpeted so I didn’t know how disgusting until after I ran the Dyson over it.

Gross, right? That was after vacuuming my "clean" area rug.
Gross, right? That was after vacuuming my “clean” area rug.


I was surprised that the Dyson Light Ball took less effort to push than my old vacuum because they are about the same size and weight. After using my old vacuum, my back would always need a rest. With the Dyson, my back never felt stressed. I felt the effort in my arms and it was a much more pleasant experience.


photo courtesy of Dyson
photo courtesy of Dyson
photo courtesy of Dyson
photo courtesy of Dyson


Deciding where to spend and where to save on household appliances and tools is always something that’s hard for me, but after using the Dyson Light Ball Vacuum for a week I can say for sure: don’t skimp on the vacuum. Thought the Dyson is more expensive than my previous vacuum (a Shark) it’s so much more effective. Because it’s my main cleaning tool, the cost would be absolutely worth it for me (by the way, it’s on Rollback at Walmart right now for $319).


I recommend this vacuum. As my main cleaning tool, it makes sense for me to have a quality vacuum. I’ve been converted to Dyson after this experience.

Thanks to Dyson for giving me the opportunity to review this vacuum.