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summer is coming…

Oh happy day! Oh giggle, skip, jump! Summer is coming! Are you ready?

Have you booked your camps, your trips, your classes, your vacations, your outings, your playdates, your trips to Target? Have you prepared to break up fights, get no work done, and completely lose your freaking mind?

Because here’s the thing about summer “break” — I can’t decide if I love it or hate it.

On the one hand, I love getting out of the routine and having a break from early mornings and projects and homework and getting dressed. But on the other hand, kids still require things like food and attention. Sure, I can want them to be “bored” so they discover their own creativity or whatever, but the reality of that is a series of complaints from the children I must endure before they make that discovery.

And, oh my God, where does one find the patience for that? Coffee? Booze?

So this summer I’ve decided we will have one outing every week on the weeks we don’t have some trip or camp or class planned. The pottery place, the museum, the movie theater…whatever other air-conditioned places I can think of. And on those days? I will be mother of the freaking year. I will listen, I will converse, I will adore and gasp and chuckle.

They will freaking love me on those days.

But the other days? Well, those are the days they are just going to have to suck it up and listen to me remind them of how much fun! they had on that day they loved me. And I will say no and let them be bored and fight and watch too much Netflix and whatever keeps them quiet and happy so I can get the work I need to get done done.

They get one day, I get the other days. It’s called balance.