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On Wednesdays

I’ve made a huge mistake. I’ve become one of the Moms Who Volunteer at my kids’ school.

My children are the light of my life and I would do anything to help them learn or create a better experience for them BUT… I don’t necessarily feel that way about other people’s kids… Which puts me in a pickle with all the volunteering I do now. Which is currently only one thing, actually. And technically hasn’t started yet.

The thing is, they sneak up on you with these emails. Sneaky teachers sneaking those emails to you when you are at home and it’s quiet and you miss your kids and feel useless. And you’re all, “Yeah! I could help with that! These teachers are so awesome it’s the least I could do! And my kids will be thrilled!” And you reply and hit send and get the email back with all the dates you will now be committed to something and realize: “Crap. What did I do?”

But maybe that’s just me because I am a terrible, miserly person. Maybe that’s just me because I don’t like leaving my house if I don’t really have to. Maybe that’s just me because I start to visualize all the germs that are lurking on every single surface in an elementary school…

Yeah, maybe it’s just me. Because I know it’s not everybody.

I know some of you get super excited about volunteering at school. I am so very OK with that. And I have no idea why I stole a volunteer slot that could have been filled by one of the happy volunteer people.

Please accept my apology. I’ll try not to do it again.

But since I’ve gotten myself into this mess, I will stick with it. AND put on a happy face to match the one my kindergartener woke up when she remembered I will be in her classroom this afternoon — and every Wednesday afternoon for the next few weeks.

Darn kids. Always making me do stuff.

3 thoughts on “On Wednesdays

  1. I’m pretty sure I have the same inner dialogue about how I spend my time. I’m pretty possessive about how I use my “free” time. (Quotes, because is it ever really “free?”)

    I know you get what I mean, Candy 🙂

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