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Official Target Restroom Concerns

I don’t watch the news as often as I used to, what with all the laundry and volunteering I’m always doing, but this thing about public restrooms caught my eye. I need to speak up on the issue because I am worried about our population. I’m worried about the overwhelming misinformation. I am worried that so many people have missed the point of Target entirely — and are going there just so they can use their restrooms.

Who are these people who go to Target specifically to use their restrooms? Why are they and/or their children spending so much time in there? Do they not have toilets at home?

What no one seems to be talking about here is that public restrooms are disgusting. All of them. You should never, ever want your child in a public restroom. It’s like walking through a cloud of germs and urine. You should be planning outings with your children AROUND potty usage, not FOR potty usage. And if you can’t do that? What is happening in your life? Is this something I can’t understand because I only have two kids? I rarely even have my kids with me at a store anymore now that they are both in school, but if I do and they need to go potty, I tell them to hold it.

Because if they are not old enough to hold it, they are not old enough to use a public restroom unsupervised.

I can’t even imagine all the things my 6 year-old would touch if she was unsupervised in a public restroom. Blech. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

When they were smaller and I was in a public restroom with them, I can assure you I was the dangerous one. I mean, the stress levels that moms with young children reach in public restrooms have to be like Hulk Smash levels.

And you guys: the restrooms are not the best part of Target. We need to offer tours of the place for the people spending all that time in the Target restrooms.

They sell clothes — cute clothes, not just random crap. They have shoes. Toys. Home goods. Some of those home goods are cute, cute, cute. I can’t believe that apparently some people don’t know this about Target! We need to get their asses out of the restrooms! Show them the amazing wonders of shopping at Target!

And maybe start a GoFundMe account to fix their indoor plumbing.

6 thoughts on “Official Target Restroom Concerns

  1. You are correct about public bathrooms being nasty. There is no reason to go near them unless you are about to bust. This whole bathroom situation bothers me because now any man in the world can be in there with my child and I. I’m not okay wiith that. I love shipping at target. I mean walmart isn’t my thing. But now I can’t give them my money because of this. I’m so torn.

    1. I’m not torn at all. I don’t feel like their policy threatens my safety or the safety of my two daughters in the least. Here, we are more at risk OUTSIDE of Target due to the lovely open carry laws and the gun loving culture in Texas.

      If I did feel like it threatened my safety? I would just not use the restroom at Target. Seems like an easy solution to me. The policy was not created to benefit pervs. In fact, if a dude tries to dress like a woman just to get in the bathroom to prey on women and girls, he would be breaking the law. And I guarantee we’ve all shared public restrooms with people we’d rather not be in there with but just never knew since it’s not really meant to be a social hub.

      I applaud Target for their efforts in supporting a marginalized and often victimized population.

  2. Thanks for bringing a lighthearted post to a difficult topic, Candy! I appreciated reading someone different on this finally. 🙂

    I’m with you on this, Candy.

    But what hurts the most about this issue is the constant word association between transgender people and pedophiles. The constant, constant, constant comments about pedophiles going into bathrooms anytime this issue comes up.

    Transgender people are NOT pedophiles. Pedophiles are pedophiles.

    I think for most people, this issue remains all hypothetical and distanced because–guess what–they don’t know anyone who is transgender. So they speak freely without feeling like they’re hurting anyone’s feelings. “I mean, there aren’t *that* many transgender people. Right?” It’s such a small number that, it’s like, not even that important.

    I have a transgender nephew who has been making his change for the past year, beginning at his high school graduation. For me, when I hear people talk about this, I see his face. I think about how this whole disgusting, ridiculous, bigoted discussion may affect how accepted he feels in our society.

    I believe in love. I believe in acceptance. I believe in inclusion. And guess what? I also believe in God. Because God is Love. Acceptance. Inclusion.

    But I don’t think it really hits home until you personally know someone that stupid laws like this affect. And if you don’t know someone who is transgender, be open to listening to those that do.

    1. So much hurtful rhetoric gets thrown around when people are afraid of or don’t understand an issue (or a person). It’s not fair and it’s not right. I wish I knew how to help. I don’t have much power, but I hope that writing about it in a humorous way helps in a small way.

  3. I’ve heard the same worries about pedophiles, and sexual predators. It isn’t the transgender community that is the concern, though they aren’t guaranteed to not be a danger to children, it’s the people that ordinarily would seem out of place going in or out of a ladies room that now can scout without a second glance. 96% of child sex abusers have a penis. Parents do feel their children are safer in the presence of those without a penis, and that is reasonable. Don’t forget a significant percentage of moms/grandmothers are living with the after effects of our own childhood molestation – when I was 12, the percentage of girls molested before they were 18 was said to be 25%.

    I think individual bathrooms, like the family bathrooms would suit everyone. But then, the store would actually have to put some money behind their policy instead of just some words on a piece of paper.

    That all said, Target’s bathrooms are much cleaner than Walmart’s… and you have exemplary children because mine always seemed to hold it until we got to the store and then threatened to explode within 10 seconds if we didn’t “find a potty right NOW!” I have grandsons – I take them in the ladies room. Scars take very little time to make and can cause a lifetime of being painted as a hater because you don’t trust ANYONE’S penis in a public restroom.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! From what I’ve read, Target’s policy does not mean anyone who wants to can go into whichever bathroom they want to. That’s a misconception that’s been purported across social media. The truth is we should always be vigilant when out and about with our children but we should be mindful of where the true dangers lie instead where the media tells us the dangers are. Truthfully those dangers differ depending on where you live, how old your children are, and a number of other factors. That folks are secure enough in their finances they they can choose where to shop when others are wondering where their next meal will come from is something I’d prefer to hear people talking about. That the quality of a child’s education and the availability of opportunities for a child varies depending on where they are born is something else that should be talked about. That women always have to look over their shoulders in case men want to hurt them is another topic that should get more air time. Bathrooms? Not so much.

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