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what a freaking week

This week has been everything. And not in the good way.

Monday I thought I was coming down with a cold. Upon further inspection, I’ve determined it may be allergies thanks to the No-Winter Winter we had here in the Houston area.


Tuesday was primary day, or “Super Tuesday” as it’s become known on the 24-hour news networks. I voted for the candidate I felt is most qualified — because her resume kicks everybody else’s resumes ass — and was treated to opinions on Social Media about how she’s Evil and a Criminal and Untrustworthy.

Right. Because all the other politicians are squeaky clean.

Verdict: SEXISM.

Wednesday the Internet was all over Chris Christie and his appearance at Trump’s press conference. The majority of humans agree the Christie endorsement of Trump was surprising and weird. But now we know why he did it.


via ABC News


Thursday night was another GOP debate. The debate had barely gotten underway before Trump referenced the size of his schlong. Honestly, his defensiveness makes me think it’s more of a schling than a schlong, but I digress.

More than once during the “debate” three of the candidates were talking at the same time, so loudly not one person could be understood. Mothers across the US used their mom-voice at the TV to warn: “Don’t make me come back there! I will turn this car around, do you understand?!”


Today is Friday. I checked the news this morning because I’m a glutton for punishment. I read single-malt Scotch is in short(er) supply. I saw Billy Dee Williams has been added to the cast of the Dirty Dancing reboot. I also clicked on a story about how the water in Flint is still undrinkable, and likely responsible for numerous health problems among residents of that city.

Just a normal news day, I guess.

Verdict: PASS THE SCOTCH. It’s clearly the only answer.