For The Love… of Pizza

I was compensated for this review of Papa Murphy’s and their new online ordering platform. All opinions and statements remain 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. #LoveAt425 #Ad

The fact that my children have never gone hungry surprises me. I am a terrible meal planner and I don’t enjoy cooking. For me, the struggle to provide nourishment for my kiddos and for my spouse is indeed, as they say, real.

Without a good plan on my busiest days, I scramble to put a meal together. I’m just saying it’s a good thing they sell Annie’s Mac and Cheese in bulk at Costco. I mean, kind of. My kids probably eat too much mac and cheese.

So last week I had a few busy days in a row. I had errands but I also had business at home as I was preparing to go out of town AND preparing for a guest to arrive while I was gone. So I had to make sure I had what I needed for my trip, make sure my family had what they needed while I was gone, make sure our guest arrived to a somewhat clean house (or at least a clean bedroom), AND? I still had to feed my people until I left.

The busiest of those days I had a plan. I was hoping it was a brilliant plan, but I nearly messed it up: My plan was to go online to order a take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s to pick up on my way home from errands. That way I get one of my favorite foods and my family gets a fresh pizza. Good, right?

Except I grabbed my coffee and my purse and my keys and headed out the door — and forgot to order the pizza. And I was running late.

I couldn’t abandon my plan because it was all I had. I just couldn’t give the kids mac and cheese again that week. So I put down my coffee, my purse, and my keys and just accepted I’d be late and went to the computer to place my order.

Aaaand thirty seconds later I was out the door.


I had no idea it would be so quick and easy to order via Papa Murphy’s online ordering system. I even got to choose what time to pick up my order, which was great because it was three hours from when I placed the order. I paid online, too, so when I stopped by Papa Murphy’s I walked in, picked up my order, and was back in my car in less than a minute.


I chose one of the gourmet pizza options, forgoing our usual kid-choice of pepperoni, though it would have been easy to create any combo I wanted. The pictures of the pizza on the website swayed me to choose something that would please me instead of my kiddos. Little did I know they’d like it, too. I let my five year-old pick off the artichoke hearts to make it easier for her little teeth to bite, then my nine year-old offered to eat them for her so it was a win-win.


I just put it in the oven at 425…


…and 18 minutes later it was done




Easiest. Dinner. Ever.

I can never eat too much pizza. I love it so. And that I can order Papa Murphy’s online before I head out for errands and pick up a fresh pizza to bake when I’m ready for it? Makes my life so much easier.

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