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chai tea & tai chi

I look forward to days the kids have off from school. I like the break in the routine. Plus I get to sleep later. But two days off from school? A four-day-weekend randomly placed in February? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that.

Friday was fine. Fridays off are always fine. Also we had kids from my daughter’s Destination Imagination team over to work on a project. So maybe I oversold the “fine”…they wore me out a bit. And then her friend spent the night and they were up late, so I was up late, and then my five year-old slept in my bed.

Yeah, so forget what I said about Friday.

But Saturday was OK. I mean, my five year-old was out of control because her sister had a friend over. And I had to make a super fast trip to the grocery store. And then we had a lunch date with a friend of my husband’s I’d never met. And then I had a Galentine’s evening with my lady friends, outside — and it was colder than we thought it would be and I stayed up way too late because I ate too much.

So probably I could have made better choices on Saturday.

But really Sunday was fine. My husband made lunch. I made drinks. I’m not sure what the kids did.

So when Monday rolled around, I was ready for the kids to go back to school. But it was President’s Day. A holiday of great importance, clearly, so there was no school. And I can only let my kids play on devices for so long.

To break up the day, I decided we’d go to lunch and then to Target. I never get to have lunch out with just me and them and they needed some clothes anyway.

But apparently I need to take them out more often because they don’t know how to act in public.

Though I’d had half a pot of coffee that morning, by lunch I needed an iced chai tea latte. This would be the Magic Potion to get me through Target.

Target with one kid is fine. Target with two kids when one of them is a five year-old is a reason to drink. Because only my older daughter needed clothes, I was focused on her while the other one was grabbing clothes off racks, “Oooh, Mommy! Can I get this one?! What about this sweater? Ooh, this dress is pretty!” all while I’m trying to get my reluctant tween to tell me what she needs.

Which is why I bought Cadbury Mini-Eggs and binged on them when we got home and then crashed from the sugar high right when I was supposed to be making dinner.

So I gave them a crap dinner and left for the gym as soon as my husband got home so I could go to a Tai Chi class.

I’d never done Tai Chi. And maybe trying it for the first time at the tail end of a randomly placed four-day-weekend in February wasn’t the best idea. My legs were shaky at the end of the class and my brain was flashing the blue screen of despair. But Monday… Monday was OK.

And now it’s Tuesday. And the kids are back in school. And I’m at home, alone, with a long list of to-dos. And I kind of miss my kids. But I might take a nap.