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The Lunch Doctor is ‘IN’

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My older daughter is a classic Charlie Brown: she worries and over-analyzes. She, like Charlie Brown, has a circle of close friends despite her desire to be an observer. She has not, however, tried to kick a football…so perhaps there are a few characteristics that set her apart from Mr. Brown.

My younger daughter? Snoopy all the way. Always dancing around on her tip-toes or stuck in her imagination, yet follows her sister around incessantly.

They are very different from one another, but one thing I can usually get them to agree on is lunch.


This school year, my kids are eating a packed lunch from home almost every day. I made the change when I realized I had no idea what they were eating at school — both in terms of how much of their tray they actually consumed AND in terms of what was in the food they were eating.

I had been intimidated by the thought of sending packed lunches since I am not super skilled in the kitchen. I don’t do the cute Pinterest-y things. I needed simple solutions for my kids’ lunches.

One product that saved me was the Horizon Single Serve Milk Boxes. They are the perfect size to fit in their lunch boxes AND I can store them in my pantry until I need them. I know that my girls need their protein, especially in the middle of their school day, so I love that these milk boxes solve that problem for me. They were easy to find at Walmart, too.



(I love The Peanuts Movie packaging — have you seen the movie yet?)

We’ve also discovered Horizon Squeeze Pouches (at Walmart), which not only have fruit but the fruit is blended with milk, giving them additional protein and calcium. The bonus? They feel like they are getting a treat.


The best thing is that my little Charlie and Snoopy can actually pack their own lunches. When it comes to preparing lunches, perhaps they see me as the Lucy in the situation because I set the rules. But the great thing is that when they pack their lunches themselves, they don’t complain about fruits and veggies I want them to include. Hmm… Perhaps I used some reverse psychology to get them to do that… How very Lucy of me…


Their favorite lunch is a simple one: crackers, cheese, turkey, fruit, veggie, milk. I like to sneak in a treat when I can — the Horizon Squeeze Pouches fit nicely behind the milk boxes in their lunch bag.


Nice and safe in my pantry until we need it
Nice and safe in my pantry until we need it

Having a formula for lunch packing as well as using a lunch box system (I use this box and these containers) has allowed my kids to take on this task and feel good about it. Despite their different personalities, my Charlie and Snoopy can agree on this one.

Look here for more ideas… Or maybe my idea solves a problem for you, too? You’re welcome: that will be 5 cents.


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