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No, I didn’t have candy corn for breakfast

It was a rough weekend. Really it started going downhill last week.

I woke up last Monday with a busted blood vessel in my eye (thanks, Allergies). I look like I’ve been in a fight or an accident. Honestly, my skin was breaking out last week like whoa, so really I looked like a drug addict. Which was super awesome because I had parent/teacher conferences. AND I’m the co-manager of my kid’s Destination Imagination team so I’m sure at the team meetings last week the kids wondered what was wrong with me and told their parents I was weird.

My crazy eye was also on display at the pediatrician’s office when I took the kiddos in for flu shots. For which we had to wait 30 minutes past our appointment time. Which made my crazy eye look more like an angry, deranged eye.

And the neighbors across the street got new roofs. Rooves? Roofs. Both houses. One one day, the other the next. Lots of banging and strangers and cars. It was super.

And then my family left me.

On Saturday the hubs had some race thing a couple hours aways that required an overnight stay and my girls had a birthday party sleepover. And so I was alone. So very alone. What did I do with my freedom? Rented Insurgent and drank wine. I’m a wild one.

So maybe I did have candy corn for breakfast. And maybe that’s not surprising behavior for a weird, deranged, lonely drug addict.

Don’t judge me.

2 thoughts on “No, I didn’t have candy corn for breakfast

  1. Sorry about the noise. It was worse on this side of the street :), plus the music coming from the chimney.

    1. Ha ha, Cindy – I’m sure it was! That’s exactly why we haven’t even had our roof looked at yet. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to handle that.

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