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I could blame the internet but I won’t

“Why doesn’t anybody ever come to my den?”

She’s five. She has a den. That apparently she’s trying to lure others to.

That’s nothing compared to what my 9 year-old has. Her den is blinged-out and filled with weird stuff and she has parties there all the time.

Basically I don’t even know what they are talking about. I just know when I let them do their thing they don’t fight or whine or bother me. This thing I’m referring to is an online… game? I guess? And some how I allowed it to get to the point where they want to play it every day.

I don’t know if it’s educational or entertaining or edutaining, all I know for sure is it appears to be relatively safe from pervs and they enjoy it. What else am I supposed to know at this point? I mean, every generation of parents worries that they are screwing up their kids but I am confident we will be the first generation to win that honor handily.

We have no chance of getting it right, what with all the new fangled learning and the technology and what not. When I was 9, I don’t even think we had any computers at our school. We didn’t even have a typewriter at home. I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF WE HAD CABLE.

My 9 year-old can create a PowerPoint presentation and email it to her friends to comment on without even trying. I CAN’T EVEN DO THAT NOW AND I’M 40.

How do I parent that? I thought parents were supposed to know more than their children? When did it all go upside down? IS GENERATION X TO BLAME FOR THIS, TOO?

And, YES, I think ALL CAPS are necessary.

I mean, what kind of advice can we give to our children about colleges and majors and dating and LIFE when we basically had chalkboards and outhouses compared to what they have at their disposal. Social media? I couldn’t even get kids to sign my yearbook. And lock down drills? We had tornado drills. Tornadoes are really freaking scary and that was the worst thing that could have happened to us at school. Now kids have to worry about how to protect themselves from people instead of Mother Nature WHEN THEY ARE AT SCHOOL.

Not just kids – apparently we ALL need to worry about that now. So basically what I’m saying is I don’t really care what stupid kid-crap my children like on the internet because at least no one shot anyone today… in my neck of the woods anyway.

We aren’t going to win at parenting. We are too screwed up ourselves. If we weren’t, we would have already figured out how to get over ourselves and find better ways to keep children and students safe.

So yes, my sweet children, you may play your dumb computer game that I can’t help you with at all because I don’t understand it. I have more important things to worry about.