FREE Halloween Portraits – No Tricks, Lots of Treats!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. I’m sharing information in exchange for compensation. All opinions, funny anecdotes, and witty comments are my own. 

My name is Candy and I’m the mom-slacker who never takes good pics of my kids in their beloved Halloween costumes. Every. Stinking. Year.

This problem isn’t only on Halloween; it’s all year long. I try to get at least one good photo on the first day of school, but the rest of the year I am useless. When my oldest was a baby in the Pre-iPhone Era, I took lots of pics of her with my little point and shoot digital camera but nothing frame-worthy. As she approached her First Birthday I was feeling completely inadequate due to my lack of “good” pictures of my child and realized: there are professionals who can do that for me.

I found a Portrait Innovations studio not too far from where we lived in NW Houston and off we went. When we left the studio, we had more pictures than we could reasonably (or sanely) display. The problem was all the picture were so precious. Our photographer was great and I am still so in love with those pictures and vowed to go back every year.


But then we moved to California and my plans were foiled. FOILED.

Well we are back in Texas now, buddy, and just miles from where we used to live. (If you are in the Houston area, there are Portrait Innovations locations in Kingwood, Sugarland, and Webster in addition to the one near me in NW Houston.)

And here’s what I know about Portrait Innovations that you don’t (yet) that will save you from my Halloween-picture-problem:

You’re invited to a Halloween Party! No tricks here, just treats. Portrait Innovations invites you to attend a FREE PORTRAIT EVENT at your nearest studio on Monday, October 26th from 4-6pm. Make sure to come dressed in costume to recieve a free 5×7 Print, 3 free Digital Images, and of course FREE candy for kids in costume! (There will be no sales or appointments during this event.)

Your kiddos can practice their trick-or-treating skills and get free candy (what Halloween event would be complete without it?) and YOU can submit those darling costume portraits from the event to the Portrait Innovations Boo-tiful Costume Contest for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize. That’ll make for a fantastic Halloween!


Every Portrait Innovations Studio across the country is hosting the event (not just the Houston area). To find the studio closest to you, visit:

Can’t make it on the 26th? Don’t fret! Book a regular appointment, snap a few costume pics and you can still enter the contest.

What will your kiddos be for Halloween this year? Are you going to go get your free portrait on October 26th? Also if you win the $5,000 don’t forget you still owe me that $5,000 I lent you.