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Sunshine and Rain

The sky is blue. But it is raining.

Do you know what kind of pressure this puts on someone like me?!

What does it mean? Where’s the lesson? What analogy can I use? How can I fit this into a story?

Sunshine and rain AT THE SAME TIME? You are killing me, Nature. At least there’s not a rainbow. That would just be too much.

I am a person who notices all the things. It makes life hard at times, but it also makes life amazing at times. Like walking home from the bus stop Wednesday morning, I stopped and took this picture with my phone.


I couldn’t not take it. It looks just like the flowers in Horton Hears a Who! 

When my 5 year-old got off the bus yesterday afternoon, I asked her if she remembered to go potty at school. She did not. She started to cry because she didn’t want me to email her teacher to ask her to remind her to go potty. We basically have had this conversation every day this week. She remembered one day. But she was asking for one more chance.

She was seriously boohooing when we walked inside, but paused for a minute when she saw a present (thank you, Mattel) waiting for her. Because she was crying — and refusing to go potty at home — I wouldn’t let her open it. So the crying became a full blown fit.

Though she was upset, I threatened her effectively enough to get her to sit herself on the toilet and let a day’s worth of pee out. Her mood was immediately improved, and she asked nicely for one more chance. I agreed to give her one more day to remember to go potty on her own at school.

And then I let her open the present like the big softy I am.

The present was a new Barbie.This Barbie that she had never seen before suddenly became the greatest thing in her life and all that sadness from the walk home minutes earlier had been forgotten.

Joy and Pain. It’s like Sunshine and Rain.

See what I did there?