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One Less Reason Not to Exercise

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Exercising after you have children is no walk in the park. Wait, it could be a walk in the park… Not a good analogy. Let me try again: Exercising after you have children is terrible and nobody wants to do it.

We know we need to exercise, so why don’t we? The biggest obstacle to exercising when you have small children is time. Let’s just say you get that handled. Next obstacle: body issues. Who wants to put on tight exercise clothes postpartum? Even two or three years postpartum, if I’m being honest? Ugh.

For the sake of argument, let’s say you are over all that. You have the kids taken care of, clothes you feel good in, and you make your way to the gym. Maybe you want to do a group exercise class because it’s so much easier when someone is telling you what to do. How about Zumba? Do you like Zumba? You should do Zumba.

So there you are: in all your mom-body glory, shaking what the good Lord gave you, feeling like you are on Dancing With the Stars with your Cha-Cha moves. And then the instructor adds a jump. So you jump. And you get an unexpected surprise…in your underwear. And immediately swear off all jumping of any kind forever. Because nothing kills a good exercise-induced endorphin-high like worrying about whether you just peed your pants.


Chances are, you did not truly pee your pants. Chances are, you just leaked a bit. And, chances are, you aren’t the only one.

So the obvious solution is to just give up on exercise, right? WRONG. You shan’t. You can’t. You WILL NOT. This post is to help you keep exercising and not worry about leaking.

Listen, I’ve been that mom in Zumba. I’ve been “surprised”. And I don’t do classes with jumping anymore because of it. Or at least I didn’t.

Leaking when jumping, dancing, SNEEZING, or coughing isn’t unusual for women who’ve given birth. It’s called Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). Through the Power of My Blog, I’ve been introduced to a new approach to the issue: Poise Impressa. Poise Impressa isn’t a pad, it’s an internal support to help keep you from leaking. If you’ve used a tampon (and you are over 21), you can use Poise Impressa.

Are you more curious than you thought you’d be? Click here for more details on how it works. Then click here to see you are not alone. And then? Click here for a coupon for $1 off the Poise Impressa Starter Kit. I found my kit at the CVS I drive past all the time — it was even on sale when I bought it.



The Starter Kit comes with three sizes. The size that fits you best depends on your internal shape, not your weight or how much you leak. Start with Size 1; if you still leak try Size 2 and then try Size 3 if necessary. The bladder support does not absorb, it simply supports you internally to keep leaks from happening. You can wear it for up to 8 hours in a 24 hour period, just in case you have back to back exercise classes or a long run scheduled. And? You don’t have to take it out to use the bathroom.



If you’ve experienced SUI but thought you were alone, visit the testimonials page here to learn what other women think of Impressa. What it means for me is now I can go to Zumba. Or BodyCombat! Or Kick Boxing! Or Piloxing! Also, I don’t really know what all those things are. I just assumed there was jumping so I never went. I guess I’m out of excuses.


Now that I’ve solved your leaking problem that you didn’t want to talk about, what’s your excuse for not going to Zumba? Or kick boxing? Or yoga? Or running? Or going for an actual walk in the park?

By the way: You’re welcome. Any other problems I can solve for you?

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  1. I needed these on Friday. Tried a belly dancing class (which was amazing) but I’m really surprised at how much I need something like this!

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