What Type of Parent Are You in the Morning? {giveaway from Seattle’s Best Coffee}

So my kids have gone back to school. I would love to share with you that I am absolutely on top of my game with breakfast and packed lunches and getting to the bus stop on time. In fact, I CAN share that with you. That IS what has happened so far this school year. But it’s only the third day and I happen to know that’s not really the type of parent I am in the morning — as much as I wish I was.

Ideally I would start my day with a smooth cup of coffee before my sweet children awake. I would use my quiet time to plan lunches and dinners and errands for the week.


Ideally my organizational skills would be so on point that I would post them to Pinterest and then break Pinterest because my tips are so amazing. But that’s not me.

I am not a morning person. I am more likely to grab my to-go cup of coffee as I’m dragging my kids out the door so we can walk to the bus stop to catch the ⋅bus. And once they are on their way and I’m back home, I’ll be refilling my to-go cup and grabbing a to-go bag shoved with snacks and bits of lists to get me through my next four hours of errands and appointments. That is, if I could find my keys…


So what type of parent are you in the mornings? Seattle’s Best and BuzzFeed have put together a quiz for you to find out. (No surprise — I’m a Snoozer.)

What Type Of Parent Are You In The Morning 2015

This back-to-school season, Seattle’s Best Coffee is inviting coffee-loving parents to trade up to a better cup and fuel a smooth start to their day with a great tasting cup of coffee. They are giving one of my lucky readers a Parents-Only Back-to-School Survival kit featuring many of the items I’ve shown in this post. Here’s what you can win:

• A signature red Seattle’s Best Coffee mug
• A red to-go tumbler for mornings on-the-go
• A Moleskine notebook to keep track of family activities and grocery lists
• A trendy canvas backpack with a side pocket for your to-go coffee mug
• The Tile app to find your car keys with a push of a button
• A magnetic dry erase weekly planner for the fridge to keep the family organized
• Three varieties of Seattle’s Best Coffee to fuel a smooth morning

You can enter to win below. Contest will end Tuesday, September 1st at 11:59PM CDT. Winner will be notified via email on Wednesday, September 2nd and will have 24 hours to respond. (If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected.)

So: What type of parent are you in the morning?

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Thanks to Seattle’s Best Coffee for my Survival Kit and for providing the giveaway kit!


  1. Alissa Johnston says:

    Anything and everything to help keep this family organized. Please and thank you. And yes. Lots and lots of coffee!!

  2. Hm! I got snoozer too! I wouldn’t consider me one….maybe i’m just lazy? ha!

  3. Mrs. Amen says:

    I’m a snoozer too. I can see me now, skulking up to drop off in pajamas, wiping the sleep from my eyes. With all the kids that aren’t being dropped off still in their pajamas too.

  4. I am the count…this is so true looking back on my days! I’m even giving myself countdowns to get my daily tasks done.

  5. I’m a snoozer, too, and am rocking a three cup minimum every morning now.

  6. D Schmidt says:

    I am not sure sometimes I am a snoozer but i try to be bright and bubbly in the morning!

  7. I am also a Snoozer. I hate mornings.

  8. I’m a snoozer too (what did it, the news radio or the PB&J on whole wheat?)!

  9. Anymore I am a snoozer!

  10. I’m the negotiator for sure. Haha. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  11. I am the Maestro.

  12. I am a definite snoozer

  13. Marcia Goss says:

    I’m a Snoozer!

  14. I am a maestro

  15. I am a snoozer for sure

  16. I am definitely a snoozer.

  17. Sherrie C. says:

    I’m a grandparent now but still a snoozer 🙂

  18. I’m definitely a snoozer!

  19. Katie Smith says:

    Dynamic Duo 🙂