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Summer Break 2015: This is The End

Monday my world will change forever. I will have two — TWO — children in elementary school.

I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. 

I love being a mom. I have great kids. BUT. They make me tired. I love them so much that I want to give them everything I can. Everything I didn’t have the opportunity to have. Everything I’ve learned. But that doesn’t leave much for me. So I am determined to take advantage of my new life as a Mom To Two Grade Schoolers.


I’m going to exercise, dammit. No, really. Yoga, running, spinning. All the things. I’m going to do all the things. Pregnancy took a toll on my body and I never built it back up. This is MY time. I’m going to do it.


I’m going to write. EVERY DAY. I have so many ideas. So many things I’ve started. Writing keeps me sane. I’m going to start my memoir. Write for other sites. Blog ALL THE TIME. I’m going to be awesome.


My closet needs serious attention. As does our office. It’s a crazy mess of old projects and out-grown activities. And the oldest iMac ever. I’m going to clean it out. Get a new iMac. AND a new printer. It will be the best office ever.


I’m going to call my parents like all the time. And text my friends. We might even have lunch. Or? GO SHOPPING? Why the hell not? And I’m going to text and email my husband so much he’ll wonder about my sanity.


I might watch a few movies while my kids are in school. At least the first week. I deserve a day or two to myself, right? My DVR is heavy with ambition: Boyhood, Schindler’s List (never seen it), several episodes of American Crime. And then there’s Netflix. I’ve been meaning to watch that Tig Notaro doc. And surely there’s a series I need to see. I mean, there’s always time to do that other stuff, right?

Or I could nap. Naps are nice.

Hmm. I’m really terrible at adulting. It’s a good thing the kids are getting out while they can.