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Summer Break 2015: 105 Degrees Fahrenheit

In case you ever wanted to know what it was liked to be trapped inside due to risk of becoming a human baked potato should you step outside, just mosey on down to the Houston area. The high yesterday was ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING FIVE. Which is obviously what you want when summer break is winding down and the kids are driving you — and each other — bonkers.

No, really, it’s great. We get to experience what it’s like to be quarantined without the nuisance of a highly contagious disease. Or pretend we’ve been excommunicated to a land far, far away which happens to have a house exactly like ours. And all they play on TV is Paw Patrol. It’s great.

But you can’t stop me, Weather, OH NO. I have a life to live. I have errands to run. I have a cat I have to take to the vet EVERY DAY to get subcutaneous fluids for her old kidneys. Truthfully, I don’t have to take her. I could put the large needle in her back myself and administer the saline. Or let her stay sick and probably die.

I’m pretty sure I almost threw up just typing “put the large needle in her back myself” so that’s just not going to happen. So we go to the vet. Every. Damn. Day.

But you know, on the bright side, it rained yesterday so now when we go outside at least we’ll be a steamed potato instead of baked one.

Mmmm… Potatoes…

That darn cat.


2 thoughts on “Summer Break 2015: 105 Degrees Fahrenheit

  1. I feel your pain. We went to meet the kids teachers on Monday and just from the building to the car, I honestly thought we might melt. Thank goodness school starts tomorrow for us!! 😀

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