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Easy Afternoon Snack Ideas

This post is sponsored by Shamrock Farms and I received compensation. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make my blog possible. #ShamrockatWalmart

Among the reasons I am amazed that I was allowed to become a mom is this: I am super bad at the food things.

The food things are important because hungry kids are dangerous. So much so that I’m sincerely worried about what my new kindergartener will be like at the end of her long school day. I mean, her lunch time is like 10:30. What?! That’s not lunch time. That’s snack time. By the time she gets home at 4:15, what should I expect? Will she be cranky? Tired? Delirious? I do not know.

So I’ve been practicing my after-school snack skillz. All y’all who like to cook and bake and make animal shapes out food might not think that’s necessary, but for me it absolutely is. That’s why I loved these super easy snack ideas from Shamrock Farms — and thought you might, too.

Shamrock Farms asked me if I’d like to try some recipes they put together for Roxie’s Midday Menu. I was certain they had the wrong blogger as I am so bad at the food things, but the recipes were so simple even I couldn’t mess them up.

This was a great opportunity to get my girls involved as we are running out of ways to entertain ourselves inside with this crazy hot summer, so I asked them to tell me which recipes they wanted to try. We picked the Protein Popsicle Smoothies (“We get to buy strawberry milk?! Yay! Yay! Yay!”) and the Fruit Bars, because we could use our favorite toasted oat cereal.

The Protein Popsicle Smoothies took only a few minutes to whip up. (Or blend up, I should say.) With just three ingredients they really couldn’t be more simple.




Because it’s a frozen treat, we had to wait a few hours for them to be ready. But that gave us time to work on the Fruit Bars.

Again, with only a few ingredients there wasn’t much prep required.





These needed to sit in the fridge for about an hour. But then: it was snack time!


Obviously I sampled both treats. And I approved.



OH! And the girls liked them, too! What was the most fun, though, was the other ideas they came up with based on these recipes. They want to do the Protein Popsicle Smoothies with chocolate mmmmilk and bananas next time. They chose raisins for the Fruit Bars this time but want to use dried blueberries and cranberries next time.

We found the Shamrock Farms single serving mmmmilks at our local Walmart and picked up a few to use for their lunches, too. Because I am so good at the food things.

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