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The Mejias Take Manhattan


Holy July, Batman! We have been uncharacteristically traveling like jet setters this month. OK. Nothing like jet setters. Is a jet setter a real thing? Let’s just say it is and quit talking about it already.

We were in Florida for a week and then my mom came to town and me and the ol’ husband left for NYC. BECAUSE WE ARE JET SETTERS, YOU SEE.

So really we went to New Jersey first because we were staying with one of our good friends from college who lives there. We arrived at her house in the early afternoon while she and her husband were still at work so we napped. NAPPED, I say! Because our children were far away in Houston and we could do what we wanted. So we napped.

Later we went into Manhattan and met our friend and her husband at a restaurant. Because we totally know how to get around New York. I mean, it was our second time there.

We had a tasty dinner and it was so amazing to catch up with our old friend in person. Plus her husband is great so it was like he was an old friend too. We all had too many drinks and stayed up too late and the next morning I felt like…I’d had too many drinks and stayed up too late. I needed rest but my hubs was set on going into the city to wait in line ALL DAY LONG for the U2 concert at Madison Square Garden that night. Which was the impetus for our trip anyway.

And while I was in New Jersey trying to rest and recover, he was hanging out outside MSG. And met Bono. And The Edge.



Isn’t he an ass?

No worries – I told him exactly how I felt about the situation. (Which was: I was happy for him because he’s a huge fan and chances are if I was there I wouldn’t have met them anyway because I would have stayed in line instead of going on a possible wild goose chase.)

The concert was SO GOOD obviously. I mean it’s U2. We were on the floor and close to the catwalk and the secondary stage. But I was entirely too preoccupied with the fact the Christy Turlington was there. I love the work she does with Every Mother Counts, and she is amazingly beautiful. I kept looking at her and I’m pretty sure she could tell and thought I was a weirdo. Little does she know that I’m a jet setter.


The next day we did all of the walking and saw the 9/11 Memorial and Battery Park and Top of the Rock and met another college friend for dinner, which made me feel young again. *sigh*


On our last day in town, which was a Monday, hubby and I walked to Central Park and lollygagged for a couple hours and then we went back to 30 Rock to be in the audience for The Tonight Show. Because that’s the kind of thing jet setters do.


The next morning we had to leave and I almost cried saying good-bye to my friend and for real cried in the cab because that trip would have been just as amazing without the U2 concert or The Tonight Show. Because while those things were super special, it’s more special to me to know that my people are still my people. What I know now that I didn’t know before my trip is I need my people. And you know what they say about people who need people.


2 thoughts on “The Mejias Take Manhattan

  1. And you didn’t even think about stopping by the Hilton to say hi to us BlogHer folks! So glad you had s good trip. I’m already dying to go back.

    1. Ha! I was keeping an eye out for orange lanyards but never saw any. And I am too NYC-dumb to know where you guys were in relation to where we were. Though I did see you guys post some Times Square pics and I was all, “Why didn’t I see them?!”

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