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Summer Break 2015: What Day is This and Where Am I?

For the record: I adore my children. They are cool little people and I love that I get to be their mama. They make me laugh out loud and make me feel younger than I am sometimes.

But: I am tired. My brain is having a hard time dealing with the non-stop chatter/arguing. I am an introvert and my sweet children don’t know what that is or care to know. They do not understand that I need to recharge by myself.

So I’m officially over this summer. I’m over 102 degrees forcing us to stay inside. I’m over hearing about Paw Patrol and Harry Potter and “Can we please have ice cream? We never have ice cream.” (Which is totally not true, by the way.)

I’m over having a different schedule every week because of trips or camps or appointments.

I’m over having to be mindful of screen time and physical activity and water consumption and how many fruits and vegetables they’ve had.

These children need to be in school. And they need to be in school NOW.

It’s true that I love the beginning of summer when we get a break from the routine, but it’s gone on too long. And I know I’m rushing things and they are only young once. I understand that this fall my youngest child starts kindergarten and things will never be the same again. I get that the school year brings its own set of challenges.

But I’m tired. I need out of summer purgatory like NOW.

Time does not care what I want, however. And so I must wait the THREE MORE WEEKS until school starts. I will try to enjoy the good times. And find the learning moments. And force them to eat more fruit. And pin hopeful lunches on Pinterest. And take them — gulp — shopping for school clothes.

And on the first day of school, I will, without a doubt, miss them and count the hours until the bus delivers them back to me. Because that’s the kind of sick mother I am.