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Making Road Trip Memories with Twizzlers

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For the third summer in a row we had a big ol’ road trip to the beach. This year we left before the sun came up and were on the road for about 11 hours, which could be very unpleasant. Lucky for my family, this was not my first rodeo: I was prepared.


Preparing for a big road trip for me not only means packing sandwiches and water to reduce stops and packing DVDs so the kids have something to do, but creating good memories. We plan to do at least one big road trip every year and I want us all to look forward to it.

One thing I always pack is a sweet treat for us to share. Because I’m the one who does the shopping, I get to pick something I love. Truthfully, I have a sweet tooth, so there are many sweet treats I really like, but for a road trip in MY car I needed to pick something I love that won’t make a mess. So obviously Twizzlers Twists were at the top of my list.


We stopped by our local Walmart for a few necessities and picked up some Strawberry Twizzlers Twists while we were there. We grabbed a couple of other bags of Twizzlers candies, too, basically because I really wanted them. (My Twizzlers addiction has been a thing for decades.)


Yes! ALL of the Twizzlers, please!

I am not the super-organized mom who prints off activities for the kids for road trips. Maybe one day, but for now that is just a step too far. But I don’t want the kids to just watch DVDs for 11 hours; I want us to engage with each other and laugh and have fun.

In the name of Summer Fun, my girls and I came up with some road trip games with Twizzlers.

ALPHABET GAME (using Twizzlers Twists to keep score)

Chances are you’ve played the Alphabet Game on a road trip, where you find each letter of the alphabet on road signs, license plates, and semi-trucks. The way we play, we all are on the same team, trying to be the first to find each letter. At first we thought we’d give a Twizzlers Twist to whomever finished the game with a “Z” word to declare the winner, but then we decided that wasn’t very fun. So instead we decided that for each letter you get, you get a Twist! At the end of the game the person with the most Twizzlers Twists is the winner.



Using our winning twists, we each take a turn creating animal characteristics on our faces with our Twizzlers Twists and everyone else has to guess what it is. We make whiskers to be a cat, ears to be a bunny, etc. This idea was inspired by a theatre game during which you make a random prop be as many things as you can. It’s super silly and a really quick and fun game.

I’m an owl. She’s a walrus. Also? We are hilarious.


We aren’t a crafty household, but I love accessories and have been making bracelets lately. My 9 year-old thought it would be fun to use Twizzlers Pull N Peel to make edible bracelets and necklaces. (She later said she got the idea from a Babysitters-Club book. So, thanks, Ann M. Martin.) And all you need is Twizzlers and your lap.

Everybody knows bracelet stacks are so in – why not make them edible? And you can’t go wrong with a statement ring.

All of these activities are super easy and kid approved. And best of all? NOT MESSY. I mean, we have plenty of other ways to create a mess in the car, don’t we? And a treat isn’t a treat for me if it means I have to clean it up.


Have you ever created your own games with you kids for road trips? What is your favorite road-trip treat?

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  1. I love that you combine the awesomeness of technology with easy and fun (edible, yumm Twizzlers candy) games–totally win/win for a smooth and fun road trip! ~ Client

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