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Summer Break 2015: Days One and Two

On the first day of summer break, I was awakened at 7:23 AM by a knocking noise from the baby monitor, the other end of which is still in my youngest child’s bedroom. She is now five but she is the type of kid you always need one eye on. Also, she refused to claim the noise.

I denied their request for pancakes because I hate making pancakes. They had corn flakes with fruit. They are still alive.

Soon after breakfast they started arguing and didn’t stop until after lunch when I gave up and sat down to make a bracelet. They decided to sit with me and make bracelets, too, because they are weird, weird children.


While making bracelets they were invited to join in on a lemonade stand outside that the girls next door were setting up. I let my older one go out. My younger girl had to stay with me until I was ready to go out, too. One eye at all times, I’m telling you.

Later they gobbled up dinner and argued with me about dessert and bedtimes. So I left the dinner table with my half consumed Jameson and Ginger and let my husband deal with them.

I was very ready for them to go to bed. And this was DAY ONE of summer break. DAY ONE.

On day two, we went out for breakfast and ran errands. I let them pick out a Lunchable at Target because I never let them eat those (sodium content is crazy). We got home around 2:00 and all ate our high-sodium lunches. And then we watched TV, mostly together. The younger one didn’t agree with our choice (SciGirls on Netflix). She got over it, as I knew she would.

We all ended the day still liking each other, despite the arguing about bedtimes. Again.

All this to say I feel completely justified for my massage and hair appointment today. Though it may be an expensive summer if we keep this pace.