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Summer Break 2015: Day Eight

Seven. I have made seven bracelets since the girls have been on summer break.

I have probably washed at least that many loads of laundry.

I doubt I have taken that many showers…

This week my 9 year-old attended basketball camp. It was her idea. SHE brought ME the paper and said, “I’d like to do this.” When the actual day arrived, she didn’t want to go. After the first day, she hated it. After the second day, she really hated it. Guess how easy it was to convince her to go the third day?

The THIRD day… she had FUN. Fourth day? More fun. Fun, I say! Which obviously validated all my efforts, so it was hard not to do an I-told-you-so dance in her face. So I did it in my head, like the mature woman I am. I was over the moon proud of her for sticking it out, though, as she and I share anxiety issues and I know how rough new experiences can be.

Because she is my first born, I am unprepared to handle situations like this. This was a “big girl” camp — she was one of the youngest, and definitely least experienced, attendees. I completely made up my tactics as I went along, trying to figure out exactly how hard to push her and in which direction. I feel so dumb and lost in these new parenting situations.

This first full week of summer break is going to the in the “win” column, even though it was incredibly challenging. I mean, at least the girls and I have new bracelets.

crocheted wrap bracelet