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The New Mom in the Grocery Store

The rain plopped down in heavy drops on my windshield as I drove home from the grocery store this morning. I’d loaded my grocery haul into the back of my SUV just in time to miss getting soaked myself. I was glad I’d decided to do my shopping in the morning and get it out of the way despite my lack of a grocery list or a hearty breakfast.

Unprepared and hungry, I made my way through the store. I trudged through, half awake, trying to remember what I usually buy, the store I visit every week seeming like a foreign land. I remembered fruit and wine so that seemed like a good start. As I tried to stay focused on the task at hand and not constantly chastise myself for being a mother who has no idea how do something as simple as shop for groceries, two women turned down my aisle.

One was pushing the cart, the other was leading the way. There was an infant car seat in the cart. I didn’t need to look inside to know it held a newborn (but I looked anyway) …

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