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I am tired more often than I’m not.

I wonder if I will ever not be tired.

I hear that it gets better, easier.

I see that it doesn’t.

I want to be wrong about that.


I am trying to figure out where I fit in.

I pretend that I already know.

I feel I may never find my answer.

I touch the keys of my laptop for solace.

I worry often.

I cry rarely, and all the time.


I am misunderstood.

I understand why.

I say the wrong things.

I dream of being OK with that.

I try to embrace my quirks.

I hope that works out for me.


I am an enigma wrapped in an open book. Dipped in a cup of coffee.


This post is not me losing my mind, it’s me joining Old School Blogging.


Old School Blogging is a blog link-up hosted by my friend, Elaine, and co-hosted this month by Angela.

Those of us participating wrote using the prompts provided, which were the bold words at the beginning of each sentence. Check it out and join in. 🙂

6 thoughts on “I AM.

    1. We are a tired bunch, huh? I suspect you are right – it may be because we are 40. (Or in the neighborhood of, for those who haven’t checked that box quite yet.)

  1. I wish I were dipped in coffee all.the.time.
    I always say the wrong things but that’s because I was born on the wrong side of normal 🙂

    1. There are days I’d like to bathe in coffee… Some of us need to say the wrong things to let everyone else feel better about themselves. It’s a public service, really.

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