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On Mondays

I should go to spin class or clean out my closet or do something constructive with my 5 year-old and enjoy the time we have together now before she starts kindergarten in the fall. But it’s Monday. And on Mondays I breathe.

On Mondays I catch the breath that I had no room for this weekend, a weekend of solo parenting, catching up on a school project, running errands. A weekend of putting the house back together by myself after having work done the entire week before.

On Mondays I drink my coffee. I let my 5 year-old watch TV. I consider cleaning out my closet only to reconsider as my daughter interrupts me for the first of many times today. I look at my to-do’s. I read the news. I mourn for Nepal. I praise Bruce Jenner. I hope yesterday’s migraine finally fades away.

I take a deep breath.

I drink my coffee from my favorite mug.

I take one more deep breath and grab my to-do list. Because it’s Monday and I have work to do.