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Who Are You When You’re Hungry?

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Try as I might to not take care of errands on an empty stomach, sometimes timing gets the best of me. It’s not an easy task to get the kids where they need to be, make lists, remember where I need to go, AND be in a situation where I can eat every two to three hours.

“But why, oh WHY, do you need to eat every two to three hours?” you may ask. “Are you a child?”

No. No I am not. But I’ve learned that is how often I need food so I don’t get hungry. When I’m hungry? I become someone else; I become petulant and demand Oompa-Loompas and Golden Geese.

That’s right; I become Veruca Salt.


My inner-Veruca manifests herself at the most inappropriate times. Like standing in line at the store, for example. Veruca says, “But I don’t want to wait in line; I want to check out NOW!” (You have to read that in a British accent for full effect.)

Being the experienced mom I am I tell her to zip it, of course, but somedays Veruca is stronger than I am. On those days I need to give her chocolate so she won’t be sent down the egg chute to the incinerator. (Because she is me and the incinerator is me being banned from the store.)

Here’s what happenend the other day: I was at a grocery store I don’t normally visit and only needed a couple of items. I patiently waited in line while the lady in front of me took her time finishing. The checker also seemed to be in no hurry and I could feel Veruca stirring...

Because I was HUNGRY. When I’m hungry, I am not myself.

Do you know what Veruca did? She didn’t even let the cashier put her items in a bag. That girl just walked out with her items as soon as she got her receipt. I tell you she was just a second away from jumping up next to the cash register and singing a song in which she demands things NOW. (Again, she is me.)

I have a few chocolate choices I use to shush her but I don’t always get to them on time. One of my favorites is SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares, so when I was in CVS the other day I picked up a bag so I could keep a stash with me in case Veruca makes a surprise appearance again. (Just for good measure I picked up some SNICKERS® Almond, too. I don’t want Veruca to get bored.)





SNICKERS Peanut Butter

So the next time Veruca tries to surprise me, I will be prepared. This is what’s in my purse:


Who are you when you’re hungry?


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  1. I think we all have that inner Veruca just waiting to pop out! Good thing you’re prepared and have your emergency stash in your purse! #client

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