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How Simply Prepaid™ from T-Mobile Works for My Family

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I’m a fan of gadgets and doodads. I’m not sure if they make doodads anymore but I know they make gadgets. Except they are now called technology because they are mainstream and not tools only Batman and Maxwell Smart have. (Bonus points if you know who Maxwell Smart is without Google.)

This is part of why I’m conflicted when it comes to how often I let my children use technology. I think it’s fun and want them to enjoy it and be interested in it, too. When I was their age we didn’t even have a remote controlled TV. And I like to say I’m old, but really I’m not. It wasn’t that long ago.

I’ve only had a smart phone for five years. I remember the first week I had it, I missed all my calls because I couldn’t figure out how to turn the ringer on. Oh, how times have changed… in only FIVE years.

So I was super excited to get the chance to check out a new phone and a new plan because I love to play with new gadgets technology. And I must admit, I thought a prepaid plan was something without bells and whistles and for emergency use only. I was wrong.

Introducing Simply Prepaid™ from T-Mobile.


Lucky for me my local Walmart is five minutes from my house. My lovely four year-old assistant and I headed straight for the electronics department to find the no-contract phones and I told her to look for pink. It’s her favorite color, so that was not a problem.

I picked up my Samsung Galaxy Avant and a couple of $40 prepaid cards. I was suspicious because it felt too easy. I mean, for just $40 a month I get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text? There’s no overages, credit check, or annual service contract required. Do what now?

I got home and activated my phone and prepaid card all online. It took 15 minutes and continued to be easy. So obviously I’m still suspicious. But it was becoming clear to me that T-Mobile is changing prepaid with their Simply Prepaid™ plan.

Once I set up my phone I texted my friend, who is an Android gal, with a pic of my new device and she pointed out that I had it on an “easy” setting. And (no offense, Mom!) I  immediately thought of my Mom, who does not have a smart phone. Why does she not have a smart phone in 2015? One big reason is she is retired and on a budget. I knew I would need to share this prepaid plan with her, as well as how this phone has a setting to make the transition even easier for her.


But I digress — I started to set up the phone with my email, my Twitter, my Instagram, all of the the things. Also switched it from the “easy” to “normal”. And dangit it was still so easy!

So of course my gears start turning… and I wondered what my nearly 9 year-old would do with this phone? I’ve never considered getting her a phone because of the price and at this stage it’s rare that she would need one. But I can see sending a phone with her to a sleepover to help her feel more at ease when she’s away from home… And so a teaching moment was born: I decided she needed to learn how to text.

Guess who thought texting was fun?




Perhaps a little too fun? But because Simply Prepaid™ from T-Mobile includes unlimited texting, I guess she can have all the fun she wants… As long as she’s texting me or my husband. I know that eventually she will want to text other people. I’m not in denial. But for now this is good.

As we were out and about this week I brought my new phone with me and checked my email and my Twitter and all of the *ahem* really important things. And each time I was shocked at the speed with which everything moved. I was on a 4G LTE network, just like my contract plan. Hmph.

My nearly nine year-old is thrilled that we have another phone around that I’ll let her use and I’m pretty thrilled I don’t have to settle for a second-rate prepaid wireless when I want to add a phone  to our family.

My four year-old got in on the texting action today, too, though obviously she’s not going to need access to a phone for a while. I found a game she loves, though, so feels like she’s in on this technology thing, too.


Have you found a solution for your kids’ communication needs? This video has some other examples of how everyone in the family can take advantage of Simply Prepaid™ from T-Mobile, even if they aren’t Batman or Maxwell Smart.