The Right Way to Wear: UGGs

I should start by apologizing for criticizing your UGGs. In my defense, it’s rare I see them worn in a way that works. But you spoke and I’m listening: you love your UGGs.

A very dear friend of mine helped me to see not all UGGs are bad and they, too, can be worn well when one gets dressed on purpose. A couple of weeks ago she texted me, triumphantly, with a pic of her in her UGGs. Well, she actually said they are “fUGGs” — Fake UGGs. But no matter, because the silhouette is the same. Here’s what she sent:


When these black UGGs (fUGGs) are paired with a black legging and an athletic top that fits well, this look is flattering and intentional.

Point: UGGs (fUGGs)

So I was wrong. Kind of. I still think UGGs are slippers, but UGGs don’t apologize for being soft and comfortable. That’s like their whole thing. But just like any other piece of clothing or shoe or boot or accessory, proportion and fit is key.

Most of the time I see UGGs worn like this:


(I make no claim to this image – I found it on google on several sites. If you own this image and want me to remove it, I will.)

And I see them worn like that by grown ups. And I just can’t condone that.

Point: ME.

I am so OK with you wanting to be comfortable, so here’s a way to wear UGGs that works:

UGGs gone right

Top + scarf : target // jeans : gap // earrings : chelsea row // bag : j.jill // boots : UGGs


You can wear UGGs with stretchy, comfy leggings like my friend, but you can also put them with other clothes and a build a purposeful, put-together look.

I chose to show these UGGs because they remind me of a pair of (non-UGG) boots I have and love. Pairing them with a rolled-up boyfriend jean keeps you loose and comfy. Putting a scarf with a t-shirt is a way to stay low-key and put together all at the same time. Adding just a bit of sparkle to your lobes is the icing on the cake (you are the cake), and obviously you need a fabulous bag. (Is it so dorky that I made the boots and bag match? I just really like that color.)

So, anyway, this is me officially approving of UGGs. Sometimes.

Point: You.

Are you already on the UGG boat? Tell me if you love them or loathe them: I want to know what you think! (And for more UGG tips, check out this link I found on Pinterest.)