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Permission to Wear Stretchy Pants

So the kids are back in school. Life is getting back to normal. But it’s cold and I’m tired and I just want to be comfortable when I go to the grocery store, OK? So I can go wearing yoga pants, UGGs, and a participant’s t-shirt I got for free, right?

WRONG. So very wrong. I may NOT. Nor may you.

Comfort is important to me. I understand that women want to be comfortable. But that does not make it OK to go to the grocery store in yoga pants, UGGs, and a free t-shirt. Especially if you are over 35.

But you MAY wear stretchy pants. That is OK; as long as you get dressed on purpose. Because that was the true transgression in this real-life scenario; the woman I witnessed had no intention when she was putting her clothes on. And it showed.

We don’t have to be fashionistas every day. Or ever, really. But we do need to look like we care. And if you just pull on any old combination of random stretchy clothing, it looks like either: A) you decided that random look was a good one; OR B) you literally rolled right out of bed just before I saw you.

But, Candy, I saw someone wearing that exact combo the other day and she looked so cute and carefree. Why can’t I wear that?

I’m sorry to tell you this, but she was probably 19. And 19 year-olds can wear whatever the hell they want to. It’s like a rule of the universe. Probably she would be cute in anything and the carefree vibe was because she has no real responsibility in life yet. Again, because she’s 19.

I took a couple pics of outfits I wore when I wanted to be comfy. I won’t be winning any fashion prizes (fashion prizes?) over these, but at least I look like I care. (Even if I don’t – can you feel me?)


Look #1 was on an exceptionally rainy and chilly day. Those are my rain boots with track pants. The hat is because I probably didn’t wash my hair. Again, not a look someone would “pin”, but a comfy look that looks like me and is more put together than say, pajamas.

Look #2 was also on a chilly day so the scarf was not only fashionable but functional. Those pants I snagged from Athleta on clearance and they are the softest pants ever. My trusty TOMS are comfy and cute. And a denim shirt is a go-to topper for me. It works with so many looks.

On both of these days, I had errands to run. I went to HEB, to Target, who knows where else. I can’t remember what I do every day. But for sure I was out in public. And you know how much more time it took me to put my looks together than it took the yoga pants and UGGs woman? Like 15 seconds, tops.

There are many ways to look way more chic with stretchy pants than I do in these pics, but I wanted to give you a real-life, non-styled, non-staged look at how I present myself to the world when I’d rather be in bed or on the couch.

Here are a couple of other ideas based on a pair of joggers from Athleta:

chic & stretchy
Have you found a way to be comfy and look pulled together? What’s your favorite comfy item to wear on those days when you daydream about your couch?

3 thoughts on “Permission to Wear Stretchy Pants

  1. Love a good scarf, my fav new accessory. And yes, PJs in public always floor me. Even on nineteen year olds. Go back to bed already!

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