Gifts That Always Fit


I love giving gifts, but I hate choosing gifts. It’s so hard to know what someone will like or if it will fit. It’s especially hard for me to choose a gift for another woman if I don’t know her personal style preferences.

But as I was obsessing about accessories the other day, I realized that they are the perfect gift. Here’s a quick gift guide featuring accessories as well as a couple other ideas:

1. Scarves

A scarf has been a must-have accessory for the past few seasons. Right now they are temperature appropriate, so that’s a win! Some of the trends in scarves right now are plaids and chunky knits – choosing one of these in a neutral tone for your gift recipient is a winning pick.

2. Bags

The gift of a classic handbag will always be appreciated. Again you can stick to neutral tones, but you can also choose more of a novelty piece meant for special occasions instead of something meant to replace an everyday bag. I love a mid-sized pouch for a date night or a girls night out.

3. Gift Cards

Even if you don’t know your recipient’s favorite store, there are some stores with which you can never go wrong. Target and Amazon have everything — I particularly love Amazon Gift Cards because you can buy eBooks or movies or music or clothes or food or toilet paper or literally almost anything.

4. Donations

If you really aren’t sure what to get, make a donation in your gift recipient’s name. Choose a local food bank, a local children’s hospital, or an organization like Heifer International as a unique way to show your appreciation.

gifts that always fit (j.jill)
gifts that always fit (target)


Happy Shopping!!!

What unique gift have you received that you’d never thought of gifting someone else?