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The Internet

Hey remember when you would do cool stuff and the only people who knew about it were the people who were with you at the time? Or the people with whom you shared your stories days, weeks, sometimes MONTHS later?

Those days were so long ago they are almost difficult to recall. Especially with the advent of social media, the internet has absolutely changed the world. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes it’s not, but regardless it is what I am thankful for today.

For this #30DaysofThanks series I’ve been trying to focus on each day as it comes and pick out that one “thing” that affected it the most. Well today my family and I spent several hours doing something very cool and something that not a lot of people get to do; we got to tour a cruise ship.

Sure, maybe that’s not a big deal for you if you’ve been on a cruise. But I haven’t been on a cruise, and neither have my children. So a free cruise ship tour that ends with a free fancy meal was a pretty big deal for us. And something we wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to do without the internet.

Because I have this little blog, I was invited to participate in today’s outing. But without the force of the internet I never would have started this blog in the first place. In fact, today’s outing wasn’t just for my blog; I’ll be tweeting about for the next few days (“tweeting” is what we do on Twitter, Mom). I mean, Twitter? What in the world did we do with our witty one-liners before Twitter? Surely they were wasted on unappreciative co-workers.

And for that, Internet, I thank you. (Also for online shopping. Obviously.)

Gotta get that little one some sunglasses...
Gotta get that little one some sunglasses…

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