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Surviving My Twenties

I took the girls to a birthday party today at one of those places with blow-up things for jumping on and sliding down. Every time we go to one of those places I am reminded of the fact that I used to work at one of those places. Man. I’m glad I don’t have to do that anymore.

Honestly I didn’t work too many birthday parties — the place where I worked had a toddler preschool class during the week (as well as mommy & me classes and other specialty classes). I was the toddler teacher. There were times when parents would request that I worked their child’s birthday party. Thankfully that meant I was the facilitator more than the kid wrangler or pizza-and-cake-distributor. But still.

This was just one of many of the jobs I had in my twenties. Today I am thankful I survived that decade.

Being poor and in debt after college really limits your employment choices. Especially if you are trying to avoid sitting behind a desk all day. But I learned a lot during that time and I can now appreciate the randomness I experienced then. It wasn’t all just odd jobs and paying off debt in my twenties — that’s also when I got married. Good things happened. But I’m glad to be done with that time in my life.

In my twenties I didn’t know I was prone to depression and anxiety. In my twenties I didn’t know that things don’t matter as much as people do. In my twenties I didn’t know how joyful it could be to watch a child grow from infancy. Sure, I miss the energy I had back then and the youthful glow in my skin, but now is so much better.

I’m really glad I stuck it out.


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