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The most surprising part about today was that my daughters played together pretty much the whole day, and with very little fighting. Today I am thankful for sisters.

When I was pregnant with baby #2 and we found out she was a girl, I cried. I was unspeakably happy to be able to give my first daughter a sister. Mostly because I have an awesome sister. And I want everyone to know what that’s like.

Maybe it’s like that with any sibling; I only had my sister growing up so that’s all I know. We are four and a half years apart (my girls are four years apart) — sometimes that was a good age difference and sometimes it was awkward. But now that we are adults with our own families we barely feel those years. Our biggest problem is that we don’t live near each other. Also it’s not easy to find time to talk with work and kids and husbands and life.

But I know I can always count on my sister. Even when she’s being a turd.

I hope my girls feel that way about each other, too.


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