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My Right to Vote

I have to be honest – I struggled with whether to include this in my #30DaysofThanks series as I wasn’t even sure I was going to vote today. I’m so jaded when it comes to politics lately. I see link after link shared on Facebook, many that are just plain false – and these links end up with tons of comments about how “mad” everyone is about this false thing that they never even took the time to look up. (SPOILER ALERT: Obama didn’t slam stay-at-home moms.)

It doesn’t help that where I live my opinion is the minority opinion. When every other vote and voice seems to drown yours out, what’s the point in even voting? And I am completely lost when it comes to the issues and candidates; one thing I miss about living in California was the awesome sample ballots they would send out, so you could read over everything prior to voting day. The only thing we get in Texas is political ad after political ad, with not one of them being 100% true.

So really: what is the point in voting anyway?

The point isn’t about soldiers fighting over seas. People like to make that point, and it can be made, but that’s really more about a bigger, grander topic of preserving the ideals that our country was founded on and our country’s “best” interests.

When our Constitution was written, do you know who could vote? White men who owned property. Are you a white man who owns property? I’m not. I would have had NO voice in 1787. Woman were not guaranteed the right to vote in the United States until 1920. That was only 55 years before I was born.

The Voting Rights Act wasn’t passed until 1965. That was only 10 years before I was born. It wasn’t until then that all U.S. citizens who were already legally allowed to vote had that right protected.

And here we are in 2014. People are still accusing folks of trying to keep legally entitled voters from voting. I am nearly 40 years old and citizens are still fighting for their voices to be heard. So what trouble was it for me to stop by my polling place and cast a ballot? NONE. No trouble for me whatsoever. And for that I am thankful.


6 thoughts on “My Right to Vote

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I do, too. It’s the best way to pay respect to those who worked to protect that right.

  1. Candy, you said you’re jaded about politics? Well, I’m so cynical about politics and the political process that I almost shut my ears for the month previous to elections now–to shut out all the skewed polls, attack ads, and mud-slinging rhetoric.

    However . . . I also remember those brave women, less than 100 years ago, who pushed and advocated and changed the world. And won the right for women in America to vote. That’s why I voted yesterday. You can read about it at my blog. 🙂 http://wp.me/p4cOf8-iM

    All the best, to you and your family! @chaplaineliza

    1. Those women were on my mind yesterday for sure. But also on my mind were my daughters and their peers, many of whom do not have any idea of the history behind voting rights.

  2. Candy, great blog and I so understand how you feel. I became very angry yesterday when I went to vote and they said I couldn’t because I “had requestd” a mail-in ballot. I had not requested this ballot but It had been sent by the Democractic party and I had not mailed it in. This was all a part of the drive to repress voters. Long story short, they had someone there who was handling these situations. and I was able to vote.

    Like you, I had closed my ears and could only restore my sanity by watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s “live coverage” last night. It all makes me very sad – I don’t think some young women today don’t realize how hard my generation fought to get eqyal rights, even though the glass ceiling is still there in the corporate and political world.

    Like you, I will continue to vote and be active, and remain grateful and proud of what we have achieved.

    1. Sometimes laughter is the best way to cope, isn’t it? Armando and I watched The Butler the other night and I was reminded of those who fought to protect everyone’s right to vote in the US. It’s important even if none of my candidates won… 🙂

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