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My (Mostly Functional) Body

Today is day two of my #30DaysofThanks challenge. And today I am thankful for my body, which is mostly functional and mostly healthy. I am thankful for this body despite this morning’s little accident:


About 6 miles into a run with my friend today, my feet were feeling heavy. Apparently they were feeling heavy enough that a slight change in the height of the street was enough to trip me up — and down I went.

I’m not accustomed to falling. I didn’t have a solid plan going in to this fall. But as soon as I realized falling was my only option, I tried to make the best of it.

How do you make the best of a fall? Surrender. Fighting gravity was not going to improve my situation. Though going from five-foot-nine on my feet to five-foot-nine on the pavement was not part of my running strategy, this morning it would indeed be part of my run.

I’m not sure I meant to roll into the fall, but the impact to my right elbow makes me think that’s what happened. My left knee and left palm also connected with the street more closely than I would have liked. I will be feeling the effects of this little stumble for the next week for sure.

But I will also be feeling grateful that this fall was not worse. Thankful I was able to finish my 9 mile run. Full of gratitude that I have a body healthy enough and functional enough to carry me those 9 miles. A body that also housed and birthed two babies. A body that’s had five surgeries and six chemo treatments. A body that is not perfect but has taken me through nearly 40 years of life and is still mostly functional. A body that will heal from this morning’s scrapes get me through at least 10 miles next weekend.

Today I am thankful for my body that is fearfully and wonderfully made. What are you thankful for?

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