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My Car

Much is happening in the world today, but my day was all about appointments and mom-related responsibilities. Of my tasks for the day, none could have been done without having a car to get us from here to there. Today I am thankful for my car.

My car is not actually a car but an SUV. I haven’t driven a “car” since 1995. Or was it ’96? Regardless it was a long time ago. Prior to that purchase of my 1987 Ford Ranger pick-up, I was the driver of a Mercury Bobcat, a Chrysler LeBaron, and a Toyota Corolla Tercel. None of these was nice or new, but all were greatly appreciated.

You wouldn’t even believe me if I told you the muffler actually FELL OFF of one of those cars while I was driving it. Another one of those cars sat in the parking lot of my dorm for months due to a completely flat tire and a dead battery, as well as my lack of funds to fix either of those issues. And then there was the one I smashed a bit by rear ending a full-sized van after rounding a curve on a country highway at just the right time of day to make break lights indiscernible.

All of those led up to the proud purchase of my 1987 Ford Ranger pick up in 1995. (Or 1996.) I purchased that pickup with a student loan. And paid for it’s repairs with my credit card. A new transmission and new engine are not cheap, but they added enough life to that truck so I could drive it until 2001.

The green 1999 Honda CR-V I purchased in February of 2001 in Tulsa, Oklahoma was a dream car for me. The mustached used car salesman who sold it to me likely did not know how to react to the tears in my eyes as we closed the deal. At two years old, it was the newest car I’d ever owned. And it was the first one I’d owned that was actually built when I was of legal driving age. And I loved that car. Until it was not enough; when I was pregnant with my first child I realized it did not have the LATCH system. What kind of (first time) parent would I be without the LATCH system?

My 2002 CR-V came into our lives in 2005. And I loved that car even more than I’d loved the first CR-V. But alas, upon trying to transport visiting family members from point A to B while I was pregnant with baby number two I realized: I needed a mini-van.

And I hated that minivan. They promised they’d clean up the spilled soda in the third row but they didn’t. I was very pregnant and didn’t know they hadn’t done it because have you ever tried to climb to the third row while growing human in your belly? Despite how handy the sliding doors were when I had a preschooler and a newborn, I hated that van. Perhaps if it was newer, I told myself. Perhaps if the back hatch could close with a button, I thought.

But, no. I just needed an SUV.

And lo the day came to pass when we traded in that sticky minivan for the lovely vehicle I drive today. I love my 2012 Chevy Traverse. It is by far the nicest car I’ve ever owned and I feel so spoiled every time I drive it. It was used, but I don’t care. It’s the best. And it’s mine. And today I am so SO thankful I do not have the car worries I once did and can go to the chiropractor, the vet, and the grocery store all in one day with my children and never have to worry if my car will make it to the next stop.