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My Bed

The last few days have been hectic. I slogged through my 3 mile run this morning because my body was just not having it; I’m tired.

I’m barely getting a post in today but I’m committed, so here I am. As I was reading through my “thankful” notes to decide what best fit my day today, nothing clicked. I started crafting an apology to start tomorrow’s post as I really just want to go to bed. I really wanted to get a post in every day this month so I was disappointed. But the thought of crawling into my bed was just too comforting… I have a very comfy bed.

When we moved back to Houston nearly five years ago, we upgraded our bedroom. Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? So we promoted ourselves to a king bed and the queen became the guest bed. I was a little disappointed, because our queen mattress was actually kind of new and amazingly comfortable. But we figured we could just find the same mattress in a bigger size, right?

Oh my god no.

Apparently the names and types of mattresses change depending on which store sells them. What? So you can’t just go in and be like, “I have the Sealy so-and-so in a queen already and I love it, so I just want the king size.” I mean you can, but the mattress sales people will look at you like you’re crazy and try to sell you some stupid crap that isn’t anything like what you wanted or asked for. So basically it’s so much fun.

Our upgrade did not go well. The king mattress we got was not comfortable but I was pregnant when we bought it so I just figured it was pregnancy related. (NOTE: Do not make any major buying decisions when you are pregnant.) So too much time had passed to return/exchange it because “we didn’t like it” by the time I realized it was actually the mattress and not crazy pregnant Candy.

But mattresses aren’t cheap. Don’t grow on trees. Don’t fall from the sky. All the cliches. So we just slept on the uncomfortable damn mattress. Until we just couldn’t take it any longer.

So we went to the mattress store and laid down the law. We weren’t going to let anybody sell us some stupid uncomfortable mattress again. And they tried to, believe me. Why they think I don’t know what I’m talking about when I say I want a firm mattress, I have no idea. And, side note: WHY are there so many freaking mattress stores?? Do people really purchase mattresses that often? Seriously there are like five in a one mile radius here. I may be exaggerating.

Anyway, we got a good one.

And tonight, I am so thankful for that mattress and my comfy bed.

P.S. My guest bed is super comfy, too. Just putting that out there People Who Never Visit Me (You Know Who You Are).