#30DaysofThanks, thankful

I Don’t Need to Be Right

The thing about the internet and the 24-hour news channels is we get to witness non-stop conflict. Everyone is always fighting about something. And usually no one is right. But they keep fighting anyway. I’m fairly boring in those situations once I share my view; I will speak my piece and then listen and consider other viewpoints and, if they make a strong case, I might even change my mind. It seems this puts me in the minority of people who post things on the internet, but I’m OK with that. Today I’m thankful I don’t need to be right.

I love a good conversation about politics or current events or world views of any kind, but those conversations are much better in person. The internet seems to insist on winners and losers, but it is not a conversation if no one is truly listening. If the online audience is just waiting for their chance to insist that they are right, the keystrokes are wasted.

In person, you can discuss the nuances of situations and the Need To Be Right is usually waived. Today is post #26 in my #30DaysofThanks series. Today I am thankful for face to face conversations and that at this age and stage in my life, I don’t need to be right.