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Heat and Humidity

I’m aware this is not a popular opinion, but I’m a fan of heat and humidity. After this week’s cold front, heat and humidity are what I am thankful for today.

You may think I will change my opinion come July in Houston, but let me assure you: I will not. I have been known to complain a time or two at the bus stop when it’s 95 degrees and humid, but only because it was October and that seemed excessive.

I mean, I’m not opposed to seasons. Seasons are great. Cooler weather is great. I love wearing boots and scarves and layers. But I prefer to be slightly warm in those layers, not in search of more layers. When I get cold, I get chilled to the bone and it takes an obscene amount of effort to warm up: fireplace, coffee, socks on top of socks, a blanket, a hat. Sometimes that’s still not enough.

And the dry air that comes with the cooler temps? My nose cracks, my hands crack, my finger tips become velcro, sticking to every fabric they touch. My body is miserable in the cold, dry air.

I never knew how much I depended on the heat and humidity for my comfort until we moved to California for a couple of years. I swear I developed new wrinkles on my face thanks to the lack of the humidity there. And my hair was so flat I literally did not know what to do with it. I had lived in humidity for so long I didn’t know how to live without it; when we flew to Houston to look for a house when we were moving back, as soon as we deplaned I took a deep breath and bathed my respiratory system in much appreciated moisture.

So I will enjoy our fireplace and hot chocolate and hats and scarves and boots this weekend, but I will do so waiting for this weather to end; crossing my fingers for a mild winter and remembering the comfort of the summer.