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I don’t think about food often. When I do, I’m thinking about what to feed my family. I dread meal planning and grocery-list-making. I’m not very good at it. When I think about food, it’s rarely because I’m feeling hungry.

Lucky me.

As I drove home from Target today, I passed a man on the corner holding a sign that read, “Just Hungry.”

So I thought about food. I thought about how most of us have so much food that we take pictures of it. We construct grand presentations of it to impress our friends at parties. We create cute little food creatures to entertain our children and hope it “convinces” them to eat their veggies.

Most of us have food we have forgotten we purchased just sitting in our pantries. Most of us walk out of the grocery store on a regular basis with a cart filled with things to eat – some healthy, some not so much. Most of us never go to bed hungry. Most of us. But not all of us.

Some of our fellow humans stand on the corner with a sign that reads, “Just Hungry” while other of us drive past, not sure what we can do about his hunger, but thankful it’s not us standing there.

Today, I am thankful that I’ve never needed to stand on the corner with a sign declaring my hunger. I am thankful that today I have more food in my pantry than I can remember. I am thankful, that even when times were tight growing up, I’ve never gone to bed hungry.

And I’m thankful that when I think about food, it’s rarely because I’m feeling hungry.


Do you want to help a hungry family this Thanksgiving? Click here to see how Scary Mommy is helping to feed families – and how you can help, too.


4 thoughts on “Food

  1. What a great topic for a post, especially since we’re coming up to a season of the year where the more fortunate among us tend to go overboard in the area of food. (Especially sweets!) Thanks so much for mentioning Scary Mommy and her wonderful idea.

    I’ve written several posts about hunger, in the past few months. I love and support Stop Hunger Now, a Christian ministry that feeds people inexpensively, all over the world. For World Food Day, a few weeks ago, I wrote a post and tweeted about it:
    Helping, being of service on #WorldFoodDay : A #newpost in #ayearofbeingkind http://wp.me/p4cOf8-hN

    Thanks again for lifting up this important work!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. It’s overwhelming to think of all the hungry people when I and my family have so much. What a great cause to support!

  2. I think and write about food a lot.

    Many of us live in abundance of food. We buy too much and waste too much. Our food supply is something a lot of us take for granted. Some routinely over consumes in general (sweets, alchohol, fast foods . . . ) while some starve. If I see a sign like “Just hungry,” I hope I have food with me handy so I could give it to the person. That way, I am sure, he would not use the money for “other” things commonly over consumed.

    1. The waste is amazing sometime. I’m not a big fan of kids crafting with food, actually, because it seems so wasteful. A bead necklace is just as beautiful as a macaroni necklace. 🙂 I think being prepared with food is a good idea. Thanks for the tip!

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