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Bad Words

I’m feeling a bit cranky today. It’s not easy to feel thankful and cranky at the same time. I’ve been muttering to myself quite a lot all morning — dropping stuff, forgetting what I was doing — so basically I’ve been muttering curse words to myself. And you know what? I like the curse words. I think I can even say I am thankful for them.

In my writing I don’t use a lot of “bad” words. I do when necessary, but I try to avoid them. However in my day-to-day life… those words are quite handy. Especially on my cranky days.

Now it’s not just me, there was an actual study that declared curse words make you feel better. So it’s SCIENCE. So I am totally justified. Dammit.

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel there is a time and a place for such language. I will not approve of my children using the “bad” words in regular conversation. But they also won’t be grounded if I hear the words come out of their mouths. Words are important. Sometimes, the best word to use happens to be a Swear Word.

You know what I am more offended by? Rudeness. Disrespect. Cold Weather. But not Curse Words when used properly. I support that.

But I don’t use those words around my kids. I mean, sure, a “dammit” has slipped out from time to time. But I try to be more mindful and purposeful in my language. But here’s one thing I can promise you: I will never, ever use the word “Fudge” in place of the real F word. Honestly, I cringe when I hear it used that way. It’s really not OK to use that word regularly as a sugar-coated curse substitute. I just don’t want to live in a world where “fudge” is a curse word. I love fudge. Fudge is delicious.

Wait – what was I saying? DAMMIT.