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An Interesting Life

Today I was working on something that required a little reflection. As I looked back on my life, I have to say: It has not been boring.

Many things I’ve shared on this blog. Many things I have not. I mean, how does one fit a post about the time I Got Paid to Be a Manatee into the regular line up? Or: When I Was a Country Music DJ? Or: When I Met Theo From The Cosby Show?

How about: The Time I Auditioned for Timothy Busfield? The Time My Truck Broke Down in The Middle of Nowhere and I Almost Had a Gun Pulled On Me?

Seriously, y’all. I’ve got a lot of stories. Probably a good thing I started this blog. Eventually they might all make their way here…

Today I am thankful for the interesting life I’ve led. Even if it meant some of the interesting parts were painful, I’m grateful to have collected an arsenal of stories in this life.