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A Creative Outlet

I try and have tried for years to be thankful for what I have in life, as I know even in my hard times, there were folks having harder times. Never was this more difficult for me than when I had a day job that required me to be at a desk all day.

In case you don’t know my history, I am a cancer survivor. So what I am saying here is that it was harder for me to be positive and thankful for things in my life when I had a DESK JOB than when I had CANCER.

If that sounds unnecessarily dramatic to you, then bless you: for you have all your creative and professional needs met and that is awesome for you. But for some? A desk is like a jail cell. I was one of those folks.

Today I am thankful that I have a creative outlet.

When I had a desk job, it was out of financial necessity. This was a desk job that involved spreadsheets and invoices and signature approvals. Ugh. When I was able to work in theatre alongside my day job, it was a bit easier to get through my day, knowing I had the show to work on. But this meant I basically had two jobs. So when I say easier,  I mean “easier”.

Eventually I was able to transition into a day job that was more creative in nature, and THAT gave me breath. It was like putting on jeans in the right size after wearing a size too small for years. But as my life changed, my jobs changed, and I found myself back in a less creative position with very little flexibility. It wasn’t a terrible job, but it wasn’t the right fit. Once I had my first child and decided to stay home with her, I thought I had solved the problem.

But no. Being a stay at home mom isn’t a particularly creative field if you aren’t crafty or cook-y. And I don’t craft or cook.

So again I found myself with that conflicted, restricted feeling, at the time not recognizing what the problem was. Fortunately (unfortunately?) my life kept me busy enough that I couldn’t spend much time considering it. It wasn’t that I was unhappy or even unfulfilled necessarily, I just knew something was missing. Some need was not being met.

Who knew starting my silly little blog would meet that need?

Now that I am writing regularly, I know that what I was lacking was a creative outlet. Everybody needs an outlet, but not everybody needs to write. I need to write. I’m thankful I finally figured that out.

2 thoughts on “A Creative Outlet

  1. Writing is like breathing for some of us. Imagine this month of daily posts is strengthening your writing muscles and spirit. Keep going! You have much to say.

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