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30 Days of Thanks: LIFE

Committing to do something every day is a challenge for me, but for this exercise I feel it’s necessary. Since my weekend with Oprah, I’m trying to be extra mindful of the things for which I am thankful. This will be an exercise in gratitude for me in the least; in the most, I hope it inspires you to give thanks and feel grateful for things in your life, too.

Every day in November I intend to post to my blog about something for which I am thankful. The posts will vary in length and in tone for sure, but the goal will always be to express thanks and/or gratitude for something in my life. I’ll also share the posts on social media using #30DaysofThanks.

I’m not sure where this idea started, or if there is a link-up or some other formal movement — if you know, please share with me.

This is officially post numero uno of my series. Today’s topic? LIFE.

Right. Like the most general topic ever. But really, it’s where I want to start because I am thankful for this life I have. If I added up all the moments since 1975 when my life could have taken a hard turn towards the end, I think the list would be longer than I think it is. I have had some exceptionally dramatic points in my life, but you know what? We ALL have had moments in our lives when things could have ended for us. Whether we know it or not.

So today, as I sip my afternoon coffee and try to pick myself up enough to finish my day, a day blanketed with sorrow from the news of the death of a family member in another state, I am thankful to be ALIVE. To sit here and listen to my girls bicker in the next room while my husband tries to watch football. Thankful for the breath going in and out of my lungs, even knowing I will struggle with that breath tomorrow morning when I run 9 miles. So very thankful I am still here.


What are you thankful for today?