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BlogHer ’14: The Expo {Angel Soft Giveaway!}

This post is sponsored by Angel Soft.

Have you ever attended a conference for your industry? This weekend I attended the largest one in mine: BlogHer. I expected to be fully overwhelmed by information and I was right. SO many people. SO much information. I’m still working on processing it all and I will probably post about it once or twice more. SO not kidding.

But for today I will start at the beginning. Upon arrival, my roommates and I had an off-site (BlogHer sanctioned) party to attend to get us on started on the right foot and then it was off to the expo hall. Though this was my first big blogger conference, I’m no stranger to Expo Halls – my husband has run his share of marathons and we always visit the expo related to the race. The BlogHer Expo was very similar in size to the marathon expos, but not at all in scope: there was nothing to be purchased in the Expo Hall. Instead? There were free samples, many giveaways to enter, and lots and lots of swag.

Pertinent swag (that I could fit in my carry-on)

If you are not a blogger, you may not be aware of how brands and bloggers can (and do) work together. These brands were there for us. They see the value in bloggers as influencers and they hope that we like their products enough to talk about them or to establish a working relationship with them. As BlogHer was started ten years ago as an answer to the lack of female voices online, brands, too, recognize the power women wield.

I am very particular about which brands I work with and how often I work with them. For me it’s an opportunity to pay for my blog and associated costs (a self-hosted blog is not free, nor are blog conferences) and for you it’s an opportunity to get a closer look at brands I endorse. Often, when I work with a brand, you get the chance to win their products (SPOILER ALERT: Be sure to read to the end of this post!).

This year Angel Soft was one of the sponsors participating at the BlogHer Expo Hall and a sponsor I have the pleasure of working with. They had two fun activities at their booth: 1) Pics with props, and 2) a video interview IN A BATHROOM. Have you ever been interviewed while sitting on a toilet in the middle of an Expo Hall? Well, you haven’t lived, my friend. Best thing I learned on the toilet in the Expo Hall? Angel Soft has 60% more sheets per roll. Best question she asked me? Do I hover or cover. I LOL’d.

Here’s some photographic evidence:

Am I the only one who feels comforted by the sight of a seemingly endless supply of TP?
Angel Soft #sheethappens
I even did my own #SheetHappens pic
Angle Soft toilet interview #sheethappens
Am I a voyeur? Maybe. But this is where my interview took place: on the toilet.

So: have I put you in the mood for toilet paper? I sure hope so, because Angel Soft is letting me give one of you a one-year supply of both Angel Soft® bath tissue AND Angel Soft® facial tissue – enter the giveaway below!

But before you enter, I need the ladies to answer this question for me: in a public restroom, do you “hover” or “cover”?

And don’t forget to watch the cheeky #SheetHappens videos here.

The giveaway will end at 12AM Central on Thursday, August 14th and I will announce the winner later that day. You have many options to gain entries below – let me know if you have questions! Good luck!

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This post is sponsored by Angel Soft. All opinions are my own. 

45 thoughts on “BlogHer ’14: The Expo {Angel Soft Giveaway!}

      1. Awwww! I trip over flat floors so there’s no way I could hover. I’ve tried before and ended up peeing all over myself and landing my bum in Poison Ivy.

        1. HA! This is my fear about running long distances. My running friends tell me it’s normal to cop a squat in the great outdoors when you need to, but seriously. It seems like a bad idea.

  1. Sometimes I hover. Sometimes I cover. And guess what? Sometimes I just plop right down. Yep. Haters don’t hate.

    1. Girl. Get outta my head. I’ll plop and not think twice about it. I mean, I’ve already had cancer, what am I going to catch on a toilet seat?? (I KNOW YOU CAN’T ‘CATCH’ CANCER.)

  2. Well If they have covers available, I use them, if they don’t you best believe I will hover.

  3. I normally hover, but with little kids also in your stall, covering is best! They seem to have a tendency to either knock me over or want to sit on my lap! Lol

    1. Public restrooms with the kids is so bad! There is no good solution. Hovering is definitely NOT an option with kiddos.

  4. Most of the time, I hover. If there are covers there, I will use them. Also, depends if I am in a hurry, that changes everything, lol 🙂

  5. I cover…I’m still laughing at your post. I wouldn’t want to be interviewed in a bathroom. I’ve hovered when necessary, but was never satisfied with the result!

    1. Hovering is an art I haven’t mastered. I have little hope that I ever will. And it is very odd to talk to a strange while sitting on a toilet. In the middle of an expo. With a microphone and a camera. Sometimes I question my decisions in life.

      1. Thanks for replying to my comment–you made me laugh again! I’ve questioned some decisions, also. It seems like my family only tried to talk with me when I’m in the bathroom! LOL
        Hope you have a great day!
        p.s. I don’t think I’m going to practice hovering–I think I’m too old!

    1. I am really trying to teach my daughters this, too, but it’s not easy. I think maybe we need to practice at home instead of at a random gas station bathroom we stopped at out of necessity on a road trip.

    1. YES. Public restrooms are a last resort for me. We just did a road trip and it was all I could do not to have a panic attack when bringing my two daughters into the questionable public gas-station bathrooms we encountered on our drive.

  6. I cover. Always. Sometimes at other people’s homes I look for the toilet seat covers…but I also expect faucets to turn on just when I put my hands under them. Too much time in theme parks and hotels, I guess!

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